Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well its been a while since yours truly updated this blog. But now with a fair bit of time on my hands since my back operation in January I decided to get back online.

So what has been happening this past few years, well the only big thing, apart from my operation, is that I am older but still alive !

Last night (Tuesday)  at my favourite watering whole I bumped into one of Riga's legendary characters, anyone who remembers De Laceys pub will recognise the wee man.

He has not changed a lot, altough I seemed to detect a slight enlargement around the waist. But it was great to to see J again, brought back some fond memories.

Riga has once again experienced a really mild winter, with only a smattering of snow and low temperatures.

For those wondering if Riga still suffers from an influx of cretins at weekends, I regret to say we do - still think they should be shot on arrival, or at the very least immediately imprisoned.

In December 2015 we held the 10th Charity dinner in aid of Zvannieki childrens home, over the years the evnt has grown, with over 170 guests in December, and over 7,000 Euros raised, a record. Strange too think of the early days with 30+ guests sqeezed into the Ainavars hotel dining room !

Looking further back in 2014 a good friend A finally succumbed to leaukemia, this after 7 years in remission - so for me 2014 is best forgotten !

But looking forward 2016 will see me reach the grand old age of 70 !! - not bad for a life long smoker and one who still manages a couple of pints every day.

So there we are a wee update on life here in Latvia, and hopefully I will keep it uptodate with the goings on .