Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Riga is a Riot

Well it has been a while since the blog was updated - and why you might ask ? Well when I started to blog it was to reflect life here in Riga, and over time it also came to reflect on what was known as the village people. Well in the case of the latter they are no more.

This week will see the departure of D..... ( American - English teacher) and his love;y wife S.. (English - English teacher) . They are heading back to the UK to begin life anew. Also this week sees the departure of P..... (Irish - with low alcohol tolerance) as he heads for the delights of Libya !!.

So who is left ? well me J.... (Australian SIP king) A.... (English - white goods king), F..... (Australian - lord of the hostel) and P.... (English - ruler of waste), V..... (Mexican - understudy bar tender), V... (Australian - under worked builder) and J.... (Australian - he who needs gates) and that's about it !

So in reality there is little to write about as to the goings on here in Riga as frankly there is not a lot going on.

We did see a little excitement last week with an anti government demonstration in Dome Square, which subsequently led to some ugly scenes in Smilsu iela, with a group of young thugs with there new found ability to express there democratic rights, deciding to smash a few windows, overturn some police cars and set light to some fires. Somehow I managed to miss the whole business as I passed through Dome Square and down Smilsu iela some 30 minutes before the trouble started.

However the whole thing simply reflects the dire state of things in Latvia, and this allied to inept (corrupt ?) government does not bode well for 2009.

For the first time since I came to Riga my thoughts are turning to seek pastures new, but where ? as the whole world seems to be in a poor state of health.

Sorry if all this sounds depressing, and maybe it is because of Winter, but at least for the moment Riga holds no great attraction right now.

Anyhow to those who have been kind enough to inquire as to my well being and to bemoan the lack of blogging, may I wish you a Prosperous new year for 2009 - and be assured when this wave of depression passes by, I will hopefully be able to again return to more cheerful observations on life in Riga