Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cheapest Guinness in the World ?

Well here we are in March - and the silly season has begun - in the nicest possible way !

Now I am sure that you will know that my favourite hostelry is the Kiwibar, and during its years of being open it has from time to time had some mad moments - but this week or should I say month has to be one of the best.

First the Guinness - Well this much travelled Irish favourite has had its up and downs over the years, but here in Riga - for this month only - it has what is surely the cheapest pint of Guinness - EVER ! Ls 1.00 a pint, and to help that pint go down why not enjoy there famous (or is it infamous) meat pies - again for the amazing price of Ls 1.00.

All in aid of course of St. Patricks day celebrations - which of course do not begin until 17th March - but who is counting. And just to make sure that everyone is ready for the big day - this Sunday will see a practice for the event. Only in Riga - in fact only in the Kiwibar !! and at its sister bar The Funny Fox.

Now some of you may have know that March 8th was International Womens Day - regretfully I am one of those who had no idea there was such a day - but not F.....(Australian - Hostel/Bar Entreprenuer) who arranged for a complete makeover inside the bar - with hundreds, perhaps thousand of roses to give away to the staff (all female) and of course female patrons. Walking into the bar last night I thought for a moment that I was in a florists shop ! To give you an idea what the bar looked like - see below

All of this and we are not event 1/3rd of the way in March.

This month also sees the visit of Eddie Izzard to Riga - will be interesting to see the reviews after his show at Congress Nams on 19th March.

Weatherwise we are in sub-zero temperatures - but (at least for the moment) beautiful clear skies and strong Winter sunshine. Today will see me once again venture out to watch Scotland v Wales, and later Ireland v France. On the football front Reading v Aston Villa  will also be shown live. So either I will go home a happy boy with wins for Scotland and Reading, OR (most likely) I will retreat home to sulk.

On the subject of sulking - after the Manchester United v Real Madrid game this picture has been doing the rounds - Wonder if Sir Alex has seen it ? Puts a new meaning into Busby Babes

And finally something that caught my eye and brought a smile to my face

Well thats it for now - have to get myself presentable for this afternoons activities


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