Friday, August 24, 2012

Parks a Go Go

Every now and then I am amazed by what goes on in Riga and Latvia, and this week was no exception. This week has seen me have some weird "Park" experiences - from "strange" mushrooms, kernel smoking and a lady called GaGa singing.

The first Park experience was at Terevetes Dabas Park ( ) which I was visiting for the first time. Located near to the Lithuanian border, this is an unsung park filled with with magical features, where you can find not only wooden sculptures of fairytale characters and those of writer A. Brigadiere–Sprīdītis and Lutausis, the Forest King with his court, Annele with her friends, a large family of dwarfs, but also "live" characters from fairy tales.

It is a unique place for children, but setting aside my age I had a great day out, but anyone thinking of visiting ( and I do recommend) be prepared for a full day out and a long walk to see all that the park has to offer - personally I was greatful for the fact that when tiredness overcomes you, which in my case it did after nearly fours hours, you can call upon the roaming "train" to collect you and return you to the information centre.

"Magic" Mushrooms - they grow them big in Latvia

Not sure what he is smoking - but but he seems real happy

My second Park experience took place on Thursday when having my annual visit to Riga Zoo, I heard the dulcet tones of this Lady GaGa - rehearsing for her show in the Mezaparks Open air Amphi theatre that night. Now I still have to meet anyone you can sing or even hum one of her tunes, but with an expected crowd of 30,000 for the show, she obviously has something to offer. But at least now I can claim to have heard her sing live !!

Finally a picture to gladden the hearts of all men who would be boys - taken at the Kiwibar, J..... ( Latvian/American - with silver decorations) and V... ( Australian/Latvian - Builder of high repute) - playing with their toys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since you've written anything on your blog. We miss it. Hope you haven't stopped doing it?

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