Wednesday, February 06, 2013

In memory of a dear friend

Yesterday was a sad day for me, as it saw the passing away of a valued and trusted friend. We have known each other for more than eight years. During that time there was not a day that went past when we did not talk to each other. We shared some of our most innermost secrets, indeed without his help I would never have been able create this blog.

It has to be said that in recent years his health has not been to good. Sixteen months ago he needed major surgery, after suffering a major internal failure. But since then he seemed to back to his old self.

His passing was quick, in the morning he seemed fine, but then suddenly in the afternoon and without warning he passed away.

It goes without saying that I will miss him, but I will retain all of the memories of him.

So to my dear fried "Advent" or as I called him "Laptop" - Fare thee well


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