Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Return of the Blog !!

To those who have been suffering withdrawal symptoms, due  to the absenceof blog updates since August last year - my deepest apologies. However the good news is that one of my New Year resolutions is to at least update the blog on a monthly basis.

So what happened during the last few months of 2012 who may ask ? - well not a lot is the answer - but we did see one major event in December - The Annual Christmas Charity dinner - and this year proved to be a record, with 66 people attending, and a record amount raised - over Ls 4000.00 - simply amazing - and a tribute to the generosity of those who participated

The only blight on the evening was due to a lack of food, but an excess of wine, I have no memory of my journey home by taxi, nor indeed my arrival. However the following morning I found blood all over my bathroom floor, and my nose seriously damaged (not broken - just damaged) and a right leg that refused to work. Clearly at some point I tripped and fell - but where I know not. So another of my resolutions is that next year I will arrange things so that I too get to eat the dinner as well as having a glass or two of wine.

Christmas itself was kind of weird - with a temperature of -11c degrees on Christmas Eve, awoke on Christmas morning to find it was raining ! and it was downhill from there on until New Year, with the snow rapidly disappearing and turning into slush.

Riga itself was simply beautiful  - with the best Christmas decorations I have seen anywhere

One cold but beautiful Sunday morning I participated in the Annual Santa Fun run organised by the local Rotary Club - not the longest run in the world ( or in my case - walk) - but all in a good cause 

Once again my cooking skills were called into action, when cooking an 8kg Turkey at one of Riga's newer bars - The Funny Fox - Over 25 portions served, with trimmings and all seemed satisfied with the fare provided.

I am delighted to say that Riga is once again covered in a blanket of snow, and temperatures hovering around -10c and although it is well after Christmas and New Year many of the Christmas lights and decorations are still up.

Later this month I will be giving the "Immortal Speech" at the annual Burns supper - which will be a first for me - but all is in hand with the speech written and rehearsed - for those of you who would like a copy of this masterpiece please send your e-mail address and I will provide my bank details  ( just joking !)

Reflecting on 2012 - once again we saw a number of people departing these shores to return home - it is sad and means that the band of brothers who gather at the Kiwibar is diminishing. But equally I am sure that 2013 will bring some new faces.

So there we have it the first blog of 2013 - and I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year - and I will share with you my most important New Year Resolution - To Keep Breathing !