Monday, June 06, 2011

Its sunshine all the way !

For the last few days Riga has been at its best - clear blue skies and temperatures in the high 20's - and more to come - just see below - wonderful. Might even be the time to get the swimming trunks out - with a first visit of the year to the beach.

The weekend saw myself and young T... ( Swedish - with a penchant for trucks) visit the annual summer fair at the Open Air museum. All the usual Latvian fare, with nearly all the districts of Latvia represented - it was just nice to walk around the museum park and take in the fresh air.

It goes without saying that all the outdoor bars and restaurants were jam packed - as locals and visitors alike enjoyed the sunshine. Needles to say we also had the more of the British infestations to annoy all and sundry - but why waste time on them - when all else is good.

A quick word on the Blonde day Parade on sunday last - very disspointing in comparision with last year - the actual "parade" only took place by the river, unlike lastyear when they all strutted their stuff through the old town. No idea why the change - but hopefully they did manage to raise a significant amount for the childrens charities they support.

The top of the new Gallerija Shopping centre has now been converted from its winter ice rink, into four open air bar area's with outstanding views of Riga, and even has its own sunlounger bar area, where one relax over a (expensive) beer and bask in the sunshine. Well worth a visit !

Fot those with long memories you might remember the Mercedes dealership in the old town, well it has now been converted into a bar with I believe an English theme. Not sure if it has actually opened yet, but will check later this week.

The only other major happening ( at least to me) was that I "lost" all my hair - not that I had all that much to begin with. Suffice to say it was not by choice - but as I was advised, neccessary in order to allow a full examination of my skull. As it transpired all is well - and in the fullness of time my hair will resurface, and who knows perhaps fuller than before - but I have my doubts.

I have never in the past mentioned the political scene in Latvia, other than to mention how a country of 2.2+ million people can have over 24 political parties. But given the recent "political" turbulance in Latvia - with the current President not re-elected after he had a few words to say about the level of corruption and influence by some of Latvia's so called obligarchs ( he actually that the courage to name the names).

So now Latvia will have a new President - with less than 5% supprt from the population, and a referendum instigated by the current President, to take place in July to decide if the Seima should be dissolved ( Which it should in my opinion) - so hopefully the citizens of Latvia will vote YES - and then have the courage to vote out ALL the corrupt political parties and their so called leaders in new elections later in the year. This is my hope - but only time will tell - but the Latvian people deserve an honest Seima free from the political influence of a few. My last word on the subject.

Time now to go and enjoy the sunshine, and perhaps later in the day a beer or two.