Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are Beautiful! - but Weird

Well it did not get news coverage in Latvia ( well none that I could see ) but according to the Daily Mail in the Uk, Latvia has been "nominated" as the Most Beautiful Country in the World ! This according to Twitter and Pininterest users - needless to say I cannot wholly agree, as they clearly have not visited Scotland. Nonetheless not bad for a wee country up in the Baltics.

Check out the story at

Now for those intrigued by this and would like to better understand the history of Latvia check out the video below

As can be seen from the above Latvia has had a pretty chequered history of being on the loosing side, in fact it is comparable with Scotlands Football and Rugby teams records. Most recently of course was the incorporation of Latvia inside the USSR,as a result of politicians being given a map and pencils of which I have spoken about in previous blogs. This was a direct result of the consequences of World War 2, during which Latvia suffered the indignity of loosing first to Germany and then ultimately to Russia. However during the conflict Latvians found themselves fighting for both Germany ( against the Russians) and for Russia ( against the Germans).

This has resulted today in two separate memorial days for the Latvian soldiers involved in those battles, one for the Latvian/German soldiers and one for the Latvian/Russian soldiers.

As a results things get a little confused during May when these memorial days are held, but this year Latvia managed to surpass itself - when two men dressed up in military uniform took it upon themselves to give a "weapons" lessons to a group of nursery children - apparently with the consent of the owners of the nursery - Hard to believe ? then watch below

Unbelievable - but true - I am going to pass this video onto Billy Connolly.

Now back to today, Saturday 18th May - a Festival of Sport awaits us, Heineken Cup Final, IIHF Finals ( Ice Hockey for those who do not know), Champions League Football Final, English Championship Football Play-off Final, Scottish Football Cup Final and to complete the sporting weekend the Riga Marathon on Sunday. For me I will settle for the Heineken Cup Final and leave the rest (Ice Hockey and Football) to others.

After a poor start to the week we are basking in sunshine today, and so a stroll down into town is called for, perhaps a beer in Dome Square and off to the Kiwibar for the rugby.

So to quote the followers of Twitter etc Latvia is beatiful if at times a little weird !