Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Special Day

Some days are better than others, and so it proved on Sunday 15th May, when my youngest daughter A... (English ( but with Scottish blood) - a banking favourite) gave birth to her first son, and my third grandchild.

Weighing in at over 8lbs ( 3.63kg+) he arrived in the world late on Sunday afternoon, much to the delight of mother and Father - M... ( English - loves to save money on spectacles)

So to both Mum and Dad, along with proud grandparents, and Great Grandparent - welcome to the world young G..... F.... K...

So to my third grandchild I send my love and hope to see you soon

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Wedding

Well with suppposedly over 2 billion people worldwide watching "the wedding" - and include myself in that number. Once again it showed that when it comes to putting on a show the UK takes the biscuit ( an old British saying !)

But as ever there were some doomsayers, amongst them young S..... ( New Zealander- dabbles in gaming machines) - who decreed that royalty was a waste of time, but then again he thought the same about religion.

Anyhow I fully enjoyed it !!

However I am indebted to a former village member B.... ( English - -supports Newcastle) for this "alternative video" of the wedding - again quite brilliant - enjoy

Well it now the first of May and the Spring sunshine is still with us, albeit with a chilly wind. Yesterday I had high aspirations to watch the first Heineken Cup semi-final at our favoured watering hole - but it was not to be. With a serious influx of stag parties, who had taken over the bar there was no option but to find an alternative where it would be possible to watch and listen to the game.

And there was ! (is) - Whilst I will refrain from mentioning its name ( you never know you reads this blog) - suffice to say it has an Irish theme to it, and it provides wonderful views over Riga if you step onto the nearby balcony.

It has huge TV screens and it helps that the new manager/barman T.. (English - Dad sails a lot) is a lover of rugby. So we have a haven safe from the visiting hords, as I am confident that none will aspire to rise to the heights of this Pub in the air !

So to all enjoy May day and I will give our favoured bar another try later today to watch the second Heinken Cup final, but safe in the knowledge there is an alternative.