Thursday, August 04, 2011

Its new - Its trendy - its dangerous

Fashion varies depending on which part of the world you live in - so I leave it to your imagination as which part of the world this attire is most appropriate - seen here with this latest fashion accessory is young T... (Swedish - will love playing in the sand with his trucks)

Now while it clearly keeps the upper body warm (??) - does not seem to do much for mans more intimate parts - personally if the need ever arose I think I would go for the "Iron Man" version.

Also it would seem that this location is great for getting a tan - temperature when this picture was taken was 52 degrees celsius !! ( in the shade)

To give you a hint as to the location, the cost of a "secure taxi" from the airport to City Centre is Euro 8000.00 !! - return - at least you hope there is a return journey !

PS - the car in the photograph is the taxi -complete with armour plating.

Speaking of trendy and dangerous - Riga pavements are now arguably the most dangerous in Europe - apparently no one has told cyclists that they are supposed to be on the road and NOT the pavement, and as it now seems to be the "in" thing to have a bicycle and clearly influenced by the driving habits of Latvians ( well a goodly number of them) - you really have to watch yourself as they cycle like maniacs, weaving their way through the pedestrians. - So beware.

Also this year we have seen an explosion in the tricycle "taxis" - these three wheeled contraptions, manned by out of work students, have taken over the streets of the old town, such that at times it is almost impossible to walk in the streets - especially around Livi square, and like their two wheeled cousins they delight in cycling like maniacs through the streets in the old town.

Last year they were a novelty -- this year they are a nuisance - especially as the students keen to earn a few Lats - have taken to hastling passersby - to take a ride.

Personally I think they should be banned - -and in there place the good old Rickshaw - being pulled by said students - that would reduce the numbers ! and at the same time improve the health of the rickshaw "pullers"

Finally on regards to the subject of new, this week saw me visit two new ( at least to me) locations in Latvia.

First on the agenda was Baron Munchausens Museum and Wood trail, near to Saulkrasti. For details check out - Set in beatiful parkland and with what I think must be longest wooden walkway in Europe, all 5.3km of it ! Being of sound mind I took the shorter of the two walks available - only 3.2km !

Then it was onto Birinu Pils - A beautifully restored Castle ( or is it a palace ?) and surrounding estate - it is only a few kilometers from Saulkrasti on the road to Sigulda - well worth a visit. Check it out at

Lastly I have ( for the moment) given up beer !!! - I know this will come as a shock to many of you - but it is all in a good cause - my health ! - So for now it is a healthy glass of water ( Sorry no spirits - no wine) - t'is sad I know - but I will hopefully return to my normal self in the near future - Cheers !!