Saturday, July 11, 2009

Calling Saldus

Ever since I started this blog I have received many comments, some good some not so good. Some have indicated who they are, or at least used a name by which I can recognise who the originator is.

However of late I have received a number of so called "Anonymous" comments from Saldus in regards to my breakfast (1) and Alberts Pub (4). Now whilst none of these have been malicious, they are less than complimentary.

So to Mr Anonymous of Saldus, unless you are prepared to put your name to your comments, be advised that I will immediately delete any future comments.

If you have nothing positive to say, regarding people who in these difficult time are doing there best in trying circumstances may I suggest you keep your views to yourself, and do not use my blog as means to expressing your personal opinions.

As to my own view of Alberts Pub, well whilst it is farshort of being the perfect pub, at least those behind it are prepared to offer their best efforts,and apart from the fact that the beer choice is on par with any other Riga Pub, there Fish & Chips are par execellance !!