Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A trip down memory lane

Well long time no blogging, and the reason is simple life in little old Riga for me this last few weeks has shall we say been "challenging" However as we now burst into summer, and with outdoor cafes and bars now all alive and well, indeed with some new ones on show I thought I would take a trip down memory lane on behalf of the those village people who have long since departed these shores. The photographs are my little trip from Alunana iela into the old town and back via the Freedom monument. Many of you will need no explanation as to where the various shots are, but where I felt a little comment was needed I have added same.

Congress Nams

over the canal bridge
into Dome Square 13 Chairs converted into 150 chairs !
The NEW terraced bar with beer at 90 centimes a pop if you go to the bar yourself, otherwise DOUBLE if served by waitress/Waiter !! - Wondering about the fire engine ?
Looks and is pretty good, absolutely beautiful when the sun is out
Still desolute !! - very sad
Velvets has reopened without being re-furbished, apparently ran out of money

Wondering what they are talking about ? - well it appears that P.....s ( Senior marketeer) sent a few Irish lads around to S.....s ( Indian restaurant guru) last weekend and they how shall I say "misbehaved" and were "asked " to leave !!
From Pub to Hi fashion store to shut - all in six months ! - what the Dickens is going on ?
Livi Square

back thought the park via Freedom monument ( And McDonalds - sorry but I was hungry
Want to know how many wedding this year ? count the padlocks - hundreds !
The only fountain working this year ! - I suspect because it sits in the canal and can use canal water, all the others need a fresh water supply and domestic water is now expensive in Riga
and finally............
You may need to click on the picture to read the poster for a new show in Riga - but I wonder who the genious was that came up with a title like that. Do not think they would be allowed in UK.

If you are wondering about the fire engine in Dome Square, believe it or not it is a stage !! - Every the musicians climb up on top and play their music - well it is different. and just for the record they are good - the downside is they play the same music every night.

Finally one little bit of gossip - but true, there will be a new Pub opening in the very near future, located in Dome Square, and with a lady we all know and love behind the bar. No names at this time - but keep watching when all will be revealed.

Finally I now have a new nickname - Riga Breakfast King - do not even ask why !!!!!!! - and one last point of note to the team that play in zebra strips based in England's North East - do not blame B..... ( English - 35 years in pain) - he has absolutely nothing to do with the demise of the team this year - or at least that's his version of the situation as can be seen from his recent comment left on the blog. As for me can it really be a coincidence that a team that has never been out of the top flight of English football suddenly get relegated the same year as he returns to the UK and then actually goes to live and work in the same city - hmmmmmmmmm - does make you think.