Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Perfect Day

Every now and then I get to step outside of Riga, to explore a little bit of the Latvian countryside, and so it proved on Thursday / Friday.

Invited by an old friend I.. (Latvian - ex-minister of state) to her family home in the countryside, near to the town of Dobele.

Deep in the countryside, with some 26 hectacres of land, a small lake, a real wooden sauna - great barbeque, good wine and beer - and good company - and of course great weather. Truly wonderful !!

So to all those involved thank you for a lovely time - good to get out of Riga and breath a little fresh air

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its Summertime !!

Well this year has been one for the record books, since late May we have experienced one of the hotest summers on record,with temperatures in June, July and now in August up in the high 20's and indeed somedays in the low 30's. We have had a few hours of respite with a thunderstorm or two just to keep things fresh.

But do you here me complaining ?- not a word of it - winter will come soon enough.

So you might ask what has been going on in the village ? - I am sad to report that P..... (English - with a passion for serving Indian food in Irish pubs) has left us, but with a promise to return toward the end of the year. Likewise H...... ( New Zealand - part time barman) -apparently to continue his global travels, but as one goes so another one arrives, albeit a little shorter.

As can be seen below he has settled into his role as resident New Zealand barman at the Kiwi bar with remarkable ease. One barman to four barwomen (??) - what a job and worth travelling to Riga for.His name ? - N... ( New Zealander - with penchant for flat caps)

Is it me or is there twinkle in their eyes ???

Absolutely no idea who these guys are, but is not great to see smiling faces this side of the bar ! suspect the flowers are part of M.... (Latvian - Tallest barmaid in Kiwi) birthday celebrations.

As ever we have seen the summer influx of "cretins", but I ask you to guess the natures and nationality of these two "chaps" as they pose outside on the deck at Kiwi Bar.

They do strike a great pose - do they not - and they were well behaved

Now I know love is supposed to blossom in the Spring, but as you can from pictures below, it is alive and flourishing in the Summer

It is course J... ( Australian - loves playing with all things wooden) and his beautiful young lady S......... (Russian/Latvian - hairstylist par excellence )

Now on the subject of love, we have a wedding for one of our newer village people E. (American - plays with scanners) and his good lady O..... (Russian ( I think) they are planning to exchange their vows in Los Vegas - (In the chapel of love ??) - so to them I extend my best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Now back to the matter of who the "lads" were in the picture, well they were both grooms to be, the one on the left was Dutch and the one one the right I regret to say is Scottish !!!

Finally can I extend my thanks to R... (New Zealand - king of B & B in Riga) for the pictures in this blog.