Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life is full of surprises

As anyone who has read this blog, Every weekend I live in fear of the "cretin" invasion, so it was with trepadation that saw me last night head for the local hostelry. My initial fears seemed to be confirmed as I stood outside to see a large number of lads crowding the bar listening to a lone guitar player/singer.

However I did but but venture in - only to be seized upon by young F....(Australian - world best hostelier) to be assured that all was well. A little unsure I did order a beer and took my place at the bar, thinking my stay would be short.

How wrong can you be ! - some two hours later I was still there, and the reason - the guitar player/singer - he was truly awesome !

Transpired this young man (sorry did not catch his name) was from sunny Wales, and worked in hostel in Cardiff. His reportiore of sings seemed to never ending, although I have to confess apart from a song by the Proclaimers - I know almost none of them.

He enthralled the gathering, including a group of Scottish lads, who joined in at every occasion, his in between songs patter was brilliant, and he certainly know how to work a crowd.

Regretfully as he was leaving for Cardiff that night, he curtailed his session around 8.00pm, but was given a parting gift of a bottle of champagne (opened and chilled) taken to a taxi- to be escorted to the airport by two lovely ladies (not that kind !). All laid on by F.... ( he who was previously mentioned) - I think he would have liked him to stay.

The good news he will be back in September - so if you are around at this time make sure you get to hear him.

All in all it made a delightful Spring evening - and as today (Saturday) looks like being a stunner - I think it is time to meander down to Dome Sqaure and pass away the afternoon with a book and a beer.

Happy Easter to you all !


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