Friday, April 01, 2011

April 1st and it is .......

I mentioned yesterday that today was the first day in which the outdoor rerraces and bars could open, it also happens to april Fools day - at least accordingto tradition up 12.00am.

So clearly the Gods like to get in on the act - yesterday was a warm and beautiful day - but today it is RAINING - now thats what I call an April Fools day classic !!

But who knows maybe they will turn on the sunshine after 12.00 - but as it is 11.38 right I have my doubts !

Finally a thought for today

Some years back when mad cow disease the British government instituted a "tracking" system, so that they could track a calf from birth through to shop shelves, but now they cannot track down 125,000 illegal immigrants !! - could the solution be to give them all a cow ? (I know we have to find them first ! - catch 22)


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