Thursday, March 31, 2011

The race is on !

Well the 1st April is about to dawn, and the race is on to have the first outdoor terrace open, and if if my first impressions are correct the Kiwibar and and the Indian Raja will be if not the first certainly among the first to open - with a brand new decking - all will be revealed on Friday the 1st April !! - now is that an omen of doom or not - Aprils Fools Day ! But as well known the 1st of April is the official date for opening the terraced outdoor bars. - I wonder who picked the day

Today saw the first serious (what is the opposite of exodus ?) - anyhow incoming of seriously drunk stag group - needless to say from UK - having been banned already ( this was at 6.00pm) from a previous local bar, they made there way to the local hostelry - needless to say on their arrival I swiftly left - not a good omen for the weekend - on the other hand perhaps they will get arrested/mugged or even shot ! - even the the so called stag in a banana outfit - so no signs of originality there ! ( OK I do wish them to be shot - but a little mugging would be ok and arrested would be acceptable)

One interesting point - last winter in Livi square they erected Riga's answer to the London eye - needless to say with sub zero temperatures the uptake shall we say was minimal - so what do they do with temperatures on the up - of course they take it down ! - God only knows what it cost the owners - or did Riga council subsidise the whole thing - would not surprise me.

Much has been made of the recent input of Russian "investment" into the Latvian economy - and to my surprise I learned that the "No Problem" outdoor bar/restaurant in Dome Square alongwith its sister "Eglite" has been bought by a Russian investor - we can but wait and see how it effects the prices charged.

Likewise I also learned (Although this is only heresay) that a recent appointee to the Latvian Parliament (Seima) - cannot speak Latvian - only Russian - and as the only language of the Seima is Latvian - it does make you wonder how he can contribute ? - hey but welcome to a democracy !

But as Spring doth approach and the temperatures doth rise (today was beautiful) - I look forward to welcoming back all those of you who did but flee the winter months.

April will also mean that I have been in Riga for 15 years and 4 months - who would have thought when I arrived in January 1996 - just under a quarter of my life in Riga


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