Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eating Popcorn is Dangerous

Last night an altercation took place at the large multiscreen cinema complex - "Forum Cinema" and I quote from the Leta news agency

"The conflict between two men, that ended with a fatal shooting yesterday afternoon in Riga's "Forum Cinemas" multiplex, was over loud popcorn eating, sources tell LETA.

An eyewitness informed LETA earlier that a shot rang out from the back of the theater as closing credits were rolling for "The Black Swan".

Two spectators - males, born 1968 and 1983 - had initially exchanged words about the popcorn at the beginning of the showing. Both were relatively calm as the movie continued, but the disagreement escalated as they got up to exit. The younger man then pulled out a gun and fired.

Fellow audience members called the police and rescue squad, while the assailant stood by. Police took him into custody, and an investigation is under way.
Sources also told LETA that the detained man is a doctor's degree student at the University of Latvia School of Law. He is a Police Academy graduate, but has never served as a police officer. The right to bear arms (for self-defense) and restrictions thereof in legislation, are supposedly of particular interest to him.

So a warning too you all when next you are in Riga and visit a cinema eat your popcorn silently , otherwise you never know what might happen, Same with sweets with wrapping paper, or slurping your drink - in fact best you just sit quietly and watch the movie !

But for those of you you must eat your popcorn here is a few tips to avoid getting shot

How to eat popcorn quietly.

Popcorn and movies go hand in hand. (At least they do here in the U.S.) Unfortunately, there are a few people out there who manage to make more sound with their popcorn bags and their chewing than a Die Hard movie. Here's how to enjoy all the salty buttery goodness and still allow all the other folks in the room to enjoy all of the nuances the flick has to offer.

1. Some people like to "fluff" the popcorn when they are grabbing their next handful. They make repeated "clawing" gestures at the popcorn until the pieces feel "right" in their fingertips. Then, it's up to the mouth. This fluffing is wholly unnecessary. You can simply grasp a few kernels between thumb and fingers and in one motion move them straight to your mouth. The fluffing thing has enormous potential to make lots of noise.

2. The more you touch the bag with your arm or hands, the more noise it makes. Tilt the bag slightly to match the angle of your incoming arm.

3. Reach into the bag without touching it. With practice, you can make it all the way to the bottom of the bag while wearing long sleeves or even a jacket and never once rattle the paper.

4. When you take a huge bite of popcorn, people in the theater can actually hear the stuffing noises as you put it in your mouth. Take smaller bites. In this way, you can enjoy your popcorn over a longer period of the movie and your eating will go unnoticed by the viewing public.

5. Chew...with...your...mouth...closed. Anything else is disgusting.

And just to add a bit more of Riga weirder side of life - the other day I came across an ambulance impaled against a tram - transpired the ambulance driver was drunk !! - and this was 10.30am in the morning.

So in one week we have had a sharpshooter police graduate, a drunken ambulance driver - what next - a drug dealing fireman ??


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