Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer songsters & Chilli Nights

This blog is a bit of a catch upon events from the summer and last week

The Video below was taken in the summer on the deck at the Kiwi bar - when a Choir of Dutch menfolk, after a hard days singing decided too imbibe of a few beers and thereafter have an impromptu sing-in - in Latvian !!! You never know who or what might you find at the Kiwi Bar

Last week also saw the Annual Chilli Cook-in competition organised by the American Chamber of Commerce. The event itself is a charity raising event, in this case the Care Mobile of RMHC Latvija.

Now hear I have small grumpy moment.

To attend the event one had topay Ls15 if you were not a member and Ls10 if you were - Now can someone explain to me why you would have a differential price when the aim of the excercise is to raise money for a charity ?? - Why not just a flat fee for all and then you just might get a many more people to attend.

It not just the AmCham only a few weeks ago the BCCL organised a charity event and again had differential pricing - To me it makes no sense. OK for events organised where there is no charitable function.

In any event I did not attend, and if anyone out there is from either of these chambers then that is why I was a no show, alongwith quite a few others.

OK enough grumpyness - some of our village people did indeed attend

How much can you put on a plate ?

How much can you leave on a plate ?
Did he win something ??
He won something by a short neck

And a certificate to prove it !!

And when its all over finish with Margaritas !!


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