Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When is a draw not a Draw ?

Here in the "village" we have over the years developed some weird and wonderful traditions, none more so than that which took place last Saturday. Namely the Aussie Rules Cup final.

In the past we watched this game at Sam's Bar, then De Lacy's, both now just memories from the past. But today the event was being hosted at the Kiwi Bar - now quite what the link is between a New Zealand themed bar and Aussie Rule Football is apart from F.... (Australian - shared owner of said establishment) - but no matter - its the event that counts

Can you believe that the clans gathered at 7.00am in the morning to watch the Aussie Rules final between Collingwood and St. Kilda( And yes I had never heard of them either !). With a crowd of some 100,000 at the match and about 40+ people at the Kiwi Bar, exitement was high - well at least for those who had any idea of the rules.

With U.. ( Australian-Latvian as self appointment cheerleader) supplying the Vegimite and A.... ( Australian-Latvian - master of Latvian souveniers) in charge of the toast onto which the Vegimite was spread, and with beers in hand ( I think they were working on Australian time) - the game was on !.

For my part I did not arrive until just after 9.00am - but with game lasting 100 minutes and divided into four quarters, ( Just one of the strange things about this game) the end was not expected until around 11.00am.

I wont even attempt to explain the scoring system, suffice to say at the end of the 100 minutes it was a 64 : 64 draw ( apparently only the second time in history). SO what to do - extra time ? - Penalty shoot out - NO its Aussie Rules - so we (they) have to do it all over again next weekend.

So no doubt the clan will gather again on Saturday, complete with vegimite and beers, and the question on everyones mind ( at least mine) what happens if it is a draw again ???? for the answer see below

What happens if the grand final replay is also a draw?
Ten minutes of extra time will be played, consisting of two five-minute halves. If the scores are still tied after that period, then another 10 minutes of extra time will be played. There will be a result next Saturday.


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