Saturday, May 01, 2010

A new bar is born

It is Saturday 1st of May 2010, a day to put into your diary, as once again a bar which may change our lifes has opened. After weeks of preparation ( well it appears 4.5 weeks to be precise) - the newest bar/pub has opened -The KIWI bar - courtesy of A... (Bristolian - King of slightly damaged goods) - F.... (Australian - King of Hostels) and with a great deal of help from I... (Latvian - King of bar creations) - and I have to say after a somewhat brief stay this evening it is looking good !

Wood is the overwhelming feel of the place - but in the best possible taste - a bar that is reminisant of a good if somewhat modern pub ( made apparently by a genius from Jelgava)

More TV's than you could wish for and of course the ever present computerised "Juke Box" - which personally I could do without - but then again I am somewhat of an older generation.

With young S... ( Ukranian/Latvian - a barman of note and still with poor taste in music ) once again back where he belongs - behind a bar - along a group new young Ladies to serve you - C.......( Latvian - possibly the shortest bar lady in Riga) - this place has all the hallmarks of success - Personally I wish it so

Ok they were still getting it ready

First drinks on the bar

Sorry about the quality !!

So to all those involved in this new enterprise I wish them well - and I have a sneeking feeling it will do well.

So to those you may stumble accross this blog - may I recommend that you pay a visit to te KIWI bar - you wil enjoy !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adopted-Geordie teacher writing. That bar looks promising. Sounds like the right people involved. Good luck with that.

Thought people might be interested in the kind of student we teach at my new organisation. Here goes:!/photo.php?pid=4141253&id=508875877

4:33 pm  
Blogger Jaz said...

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