Monday, April 05, 2010

A question of Irish

During my walkabout a came across a strange connection between Latvia and Ireland - A TREE !! - not just any tree, but one planted by the former President of Ireland during her visit to Latvia - so the question all the ex- Irish Members of the Village people ( and anyone else who is interested)

what was the tree planted and where ?

A clue the fruit of the tree is great with a G & T, and the place is where you can see where Latvians fishing techniques were developed ???

Now what kind of fish would you catch with this ??

Apart from that Easter has ended with a temperatures over 18 degrees, and now it is back to hopefully a warm Spring and Summer ( I hope)

Trust you all had a great Easter break, and now it is back to the real world.

And finally may I congratulate the Alberts Pub for getting a beer I can drink, Boddingtons !! - many thanks to my roving pub goer J... ( Australian - Guinness is better on the first floor !) and as I close on Easter Monday - Reading have won at home, but London Irish are in danger of loosing out this season after the defeat by Wasps - but as ever we shall but see.

Back to serious rugby next weekend - any bets on Ospreys ??

PS All answers re above send via comments - first one with both correct answers will win a serious prize - which will be revealed on the next blog


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