Thursday, February 04, 2010

It is SNOWING !!

T'was on a Monday night and all the world was quiet ( now where have I read this before ?) but overhead the clouds were gathering, and lo on Tuesday morning the world - well at least in Riga - was transformed into chaos. depending on which report you read between 18cm - 50 cm of snow had been dumped down on us. Now I am no good with metric - but all I can say is that when I stepped outside the snow was half way up my legs. No chance of moving the car - No snow shovel.
Now this is not mine - but you get the idea

Now the overall result of this downfall was that it brought Riga to a near standstill, and had it not been for the help of G.... (English - Chelsea fanatic and suffers from verbal diarrhea) and his good Lady who armed with shovels and Ice picks helped to dig the car out and clear a way out of the yard where the car was parked. That however was just the beginning as few if any of the backstreets had been cleared - in fact as I write this I have still to see a snow plow - but they must be about as some of the main roads have clearly been cleaned.

Swords of Ice

But the snow is now piled 2-3 meters high on either side of the roads, and I read that as of yesterday, over 6,500 cubic meters of snow had been removed - but to where I wonder ??

Driving in Riga is a nightmare ( but then it always was)- the upside is that the temperature is only about -2-5, and where the snow is undisturbed ( ala the parks) it looks beautiful)

Anyhow if any of you there plan to visit Riga in the next few days bring good boots or shoes, as in the Old Town it is covered in snow.

Now speaking of the Old Town last night saw one of M... ( Swedish pub owner) host his monthly ex-pats dinner. Now I have to confess I rarely attend these function, but last night was a little bit special - A Jamaican theme dinner - courtesy of S...... ( English - another Chelsea man - and former man at Hotel Latvia).

And he produced a stunner. He is now chef at Alberts, and has totally renovated the menu to really high standard and all at reasonable prices, which along with a recent redecoration, I have to confess it is really looking like a pub, and given the atmosphere of last night could well take the place of our long lost De Laceys, if it keeps this standard up. Only problem for me is that they do not have beer that I like. For those interested as to what the Jamaican meal on offer for Ls 10.00 was - here it is

A choice of

1 Pint of Aldaris Zelta


1 glass of Hot mulled wine


1 glass of Jamaican rum punch

Buffet dinner

Jonny cakes

Bananas in bacon

Chicken and pumpkin stew

Jerk pork

Jerk chicken

[Don’t worry I will not make them the real strength]

Escoveitched fish [peppers, vinegar, vegetables]

Rice and peas


Banana and ginger bread

Cinnamon custard

Not bad - and loads of it so M... and S..... - Well Done !!

Now this weekend sees the start of the Six Nations Rugby - where to watch -Well Paddies has only got S4C - so no good for the Irish Game nor indeed the Scotland game on Sunday - but possibly through the wonders of the internet we might be able to connect a Laptop to one of the TV monitors and if the steaming holds up we can watch the games on BBC1 - alternative is again thanks to Alberts and M.... ( Swedish techie king + Dreambox) we can watch all the games via an Italian channel - or at least so we hope !!! - we shall but see what works best. No longer the same atmosphere as in years gone by, with all the Welsh and Irish contingent sadly departed. Anyhow my forecast is that Scotland are the surprise champions this year ( about the same chance as Reading getting promotion) - but all being well we shall see some good rugby. Just learned Paddies they have managed to get France2 channel back and working - so we should be ok for all the games.

Now speaking of bars - some may remember the original Stella bar in Lacsplace - well it has been reopened under the name "Bombadier" and needless to say it selsl Bombadier bitter - have not as yet managed to get round there - but have also learned that young S..... ( Remember De Lacy's ?) is back behind the bar - hopefully his taste in music has improved - will try and get round there this week and let you all know

and finally - and it could only be in Ireland


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I was there Mr Sim.
A xx

4:16 pm  
Blogger roman said...

you can buy a snow shovel at Maxima for 1.99 LVL.. and keep it in your trunk. That's what my wife tells me every time we get stuck in the snow :) I haven't got mine yet...

9:36 pm  

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