Wednesday, August 12, 2009

challenging times

The last few weeks have been to say the least "challenging" - what with moving apartments, getting the cat settled in its new surroundings, and of course the somewhat bleak situation in Latvia. ( Like it is not bleak elsewhere !) so my apologies for not exactly keeping the blog updated

But the good news is that during this time the weather has been simply stunning - day after day brilliant warm weather, which has allowed for some perfect evening to sit outside in Dome Square, have a beer, and enjoy some of the best music around, with a different group each night. So to all of you in UK and Ireland - what can I say.

It would be fair to say that the new outdoor bar in Dome Square is proving to be an outstanding success, both in terms prices -- 0.95 centimes for a beer and quality of food and service. If you remember L....... (Latvian - waitress superb) from De Lacys, then she is working there. There is even talk that part of it may stay open during the winter with the aid glass wall panels and a strengthened roof. If this proves to be the case it will give the indoor pubs a run for there money.

Alberts is still alive and well, but one thing is very noticeable in all the pubs, a complete lack of ladies - all of them seem like just "manly". Of course the real reason is that unlike the early days of de Lacys - none of them really make women feel comfortable, whilst all of the outdoor bars are evenly matched between men and women clientel. A lesson for for the others to follow perhaps - as in autumn and winter where do they go to socialise ?

Since my last entry we have seen a visitation from our former landlord supreme J.... ( Irish - lacking a backside), accompanied by his wife and child. Needless to say I did not see him - but I do ask if it was mere coincidence that at the same time a fellow Irish type person was also in town - M...... (resurrected banker) - time will but tell............

Speaking of the Irish - J...... ( Irish - with poor taste in socks) may well be visiting these shores in late September or early October - will be nice to see him back in town.

If anyone knows what is happening to our former Irish village members, or if they are reading this and would like to give me an update, it would be appreciated.

But however difficult the challengies we are all facing one way or another, it is important too have a laugh and keepp smiling, so now courtesy of J.... ( Australian - just sips along !) - well it made me laugh

Airport security event
Customs Official : 'May I know your name?'
Passenger : 'Batman'
Customs Official :
'What's your name!?'
Passenger : 'My name is Bat-man'

Customs Official : 'Trying to be funny? What's your surname?'
Passenger : 'Super-man'
Customs Official : 'So
you're telling me your name is Batman Superman?'
Passenger : 'Yes'
Customs Official :
'Arrest this guy...

When they had him in
custody, he was asked to show his identification card:

And also possibly the best name ever

(must be the moustache)

I knew it the minute I put on the blog that the weather is - has been stunning - I read that for the next 7 days it is going to rain !!!!! - last time I do that.

For those at work or play who fancy watching a movie on line for free- check out

Enjoy -- links courtesy of avery busy Australian executive - who for obvious reason I cannot name

And finally I would like to say a big thanks to the blog readers using ( Neath) and (Swansea) for their unflinching efforts in checking out the blog - you are true scotinriga diehards !! ( thanks A & S)

Hope to be back soon with some good news


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