Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Books Galore !!

So what can I tell all of those you still with great frequency check out the blog for any update I cannot believe I am still getting approximately the same number of visits as before. Mind you I have to thank NTL and TECHNIUMVPN.CO.UK for the frequency of there visits - strangely both based in Wales on in Port Talbot area and the other in Swansea. I wonder who they could be ??????

Life in Riga at least for the moment is singularly quiet, and for the last week my internet connection has been down !! Izzii have a great customer service person - if and when you can actually get a hold of him !!!!!!!

However we did see the return of young C.... (English- retired beach bum) - apparently life in England was not to his liking, and so he has once again set foot into the Riga life, with a possibility of a more permanent stay - we shall but see.

Our Mexican dilettante has once again had a switch in career, from aspiring to become a licensed doctor, he has now decided to become a licensed Ophthalmologist
. Apparently this will only take three years, but given V..... track record of late - I suspect this may be short lived, however I wish him all the best.

Last weekend saw a brave try to change locations to watch the rugby Wasps v London Irish - first of all we thought to try the Stars pub in Lacsplace - but this was filled with locals watching Ice Hockey - so onwards and forward to Stars pub in old town - but no Wexford and no Velvet - so leaving J... ( Australian - SIP specialist) to his Guiness, I forelornly returned to the Village lounge - only to find that the most obnoxious, loud, ignorant Texan-American was back in town - and had taken over the upstairs.

So I quietly gave in and had three beers in the back room and watched the rugby in perfect peace. I had thought that this piece of American s..t had returned back to his homeland for good, but as they were working on the new American Embassy, I can only assume they have returned - hopefully for as short a time period as possible

Now in an effort to take advantage of my extensive book library, I have decided to set up a little book shop, where for a modest amount you can buy my books, and if you so wish if you bring them a back then you can get a discount on any new purchase. Total number of books initially will be around 200+. I would love to say this was my idea, but I have to give credit to our Mexican Barman/doctor/Ophthalmologist etc etc for the idea - we shall but see how it works out - and at worst it will help my clear up some space at home.

The weather is somewhat of a flux, with frequent snow showers, but temps are staying above zero, and what is really nice is that once again I can wake up to daylight.

Very little news to report on ex village members - in fact none - other than that our Welsh wizard of cat flaps has succeeded where all others have failed, and is now working for - and say this quietly a French company - and this after France beat Wales - see in these desperate times no time for principles !!!

The former Irish brigade are visible by there silence - nothing P... (Libya - administrator in chief) - J.....(Ireland - finance entrepreneur) J... (Ireland - Builder of food chains) nor indeed J.... (Ireland - king of the undersea buses)

And finally a bit of good news and I quote from Leta News Agency

"Annual inflation in February decreased to 9.6%"

What it does not say is that in January it was 9.8% !! - but in these troubled times better a step down rather than up


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