Monday, November 10, 2008

What can you buy for 2 Lats ?

With prices spiraling out of control all over the world, and with recent comments from our illustrious leaders of the Latvian Government that was well in the Latvian financial sector, it was with some surprise ( to me at least) when it was announced on Saturday that Parex Bank had collapsed, and that for the princely sum of 2 Lats the government had purchased 51% of the shares. However as you can see from the LETA news agency the Bank of Latvia President does not think there are any other banks in similar position - Hmmmm we shall but see

No other banks under threat - central bank chief

RIGA, Nov 9 (LETA) - Bank of Latvia President Ilmars Rimsevics told reporters last night after the Cabinet's emergency session on the fate of ''Parex banka'', that there is no information that any other bank in Latvia is experiencing similar woes. As reported, by paying LVL 1 to each of the bank's owners, the government decided yesterday to take controlling interest in the bank. As reporters were told last night by Finance and Capital Market Commission Chairperson Irena Krumane, clients had lost trust in the bank and they had begun to withdraw their deposited money. Rimsevics added here that there was no information that the bank's shareholders themselves had withdrawn their deposits and/or savings.

The good news from all of this, particularly if you are car enthusiast is that there will probably be two Maybachs up for sale

Last weekend was relatively quiet as long as you were not in the village lounge, as the rear room was taken over by a group of Welsh type persons giving there vocal support to the Welsh Rugby team playing against South Africa. Prior to the game starting, whilst watching the Arsenal v Manchester United game, there favourite chant seemed to be

You can stuff the football up your A...e (think anal !),

and there instructions to the Welsh rugby team certainly gave the English language a whole new resonance. Did not do to much to enhance the Welsh image abroad. Apparently they were from Pontypridd ( not sure if that is the correct spelling )

On the domestic front the birds are back inhabiting the trees overnight and crapping upon all and sundry underneath - as I have asked before where do they crap in the summer ??

It is with regret that I a must advise that the Christmas Party is definitely off - so if anyone out there want to make a donation just send the money to the bank account or give it to me and I will deposit it in the account. Pity - but a reflection of the times.

Sunday saw us once again head for the cemetery at Jelgava to honour those British Army and Naval [personnel who died duting the first World war. It was unseasonably mild - as J.... (Australian - ditherer in chief) and C.... (English - womaniser par excellance) took about place for the ceremony. As ever it was moving and again saw the return of Earl of Carlisle. This is man who is there every year, but I cannot work out does he live in Latvia or does he fly over just for the occasion - dose anybody out there know ?

In keeping with tradition on our return to Riga we heading to the village lounge to toast the fallen, but on this occasion as the upstairs was not open, we sat downstairs and had the worst tasting beer I have had for long time, so we swiftly departed to the Star pub across the road and enjoyed a couple of pints before retiring back to our respective abodes.

Now on the subject of the village lounge the "management" seem to be expanding there product offerings as can be seen from the poster below, they are now MORE than just a pub !!!

Now quite what parachuting, shooting and quad bike racing has got to do with running a good pub escapes me, so put that together with lap dancing nights, it strikes me that the key elements of a good and successful pub, namely good beer, friendly service and reasonable selection of food is taking second place to these various "activities". But do not be misled by the poster as none of the staff seem to know anything about these activities - so I guess it is down to P.....

I will take a bet that not one of the staff or management has had any training in running a cellar. When was the last time you saw anyone cleaning out the pipes ? Now it may well be that they carry out all of the bar maintenance prior to actually opening, but I suspect not as none of the bar staff seem to know what I was talking about when asked. Sorry about this prolonged whinge but a pub is a pub not an entertainment centre. - Enough said - as I will still be going there until such times as someone actually opens a real pub in Riga.

If you would like to keep uptodate with all the "activities" then check out there web site


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