Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hair today - Gone Tomorrow

Well after years of cultivation -- (Actually 5 months) -- I have singularly failed in my ambition to have hair long enough to form a pony tail. All my hair seemed to want to do was curl up. However as last weekend saw the christening of my grandson, and safe in the knowledge that my daughters would not approve of dad looking like a make believe hippy, it with great reluctance I took myself of to the barbers last Thursday to have the locks removed. Now I have previously described in intimate detail the prolonged agony that Latvian Barbers ( sorry hairdressers) go though just to cut your hair.

1. First wash
2. Towel dry
3. Gently cut hair by using hands, scissors and comb

Well this time I got into about 1 minute of starting when I a took aside the young lady and showed her the electric hair cutters and told her to get on with it. So instead of 30 minutes of nonsense trying to style hair which would ultimately at best 1/4 inch long - it only took five minutes and I was out. So there is was - GONE ! but just to prove that I nearly achieved my goal a picture of my longest hair ever, as you can see all the way down to my shirt collar.

So my weekend was spent in partially sunny England, and Sunday saw the Christening of my (our) grandson - M.. ( Opposite of Min). A wonderful day, however as his parents have deserted southern England for Southern Wales, I trust that he does not become totally immersed in Welshness - just look what it did to S.... (Welsh - fax machine destroyer).

Now as anyone who knows me I never or at least rarely have a moan. But I have one question for the idiots who run Gatwick Airport - what in Gods name possessed you to start charging for luggage trolleys. Do you really expect every arriving passenger to have a £1.00 coin in his/her pocket ????? - because my friends if you do not then no trolley for you !!!!.

Was there really a great plague of stolen trolleys, or as I suspect more likely BAA simply fired the people you normally collect the trolleys and return them to the trolley stations, as now the already suffering passengers now have to return the trolleys to said stations - just like a supermarket - which is basically what airports are no a days. Apparently BAA is going to be made to sell some airports thereby breaking up its effective monopoly of airport ownership in the UK. The quicker the better say I.

Now speaking of nonsensical things I came across these Milliganisms :

Theres is an Irish Diver on a wreck at the bottom of the sea. Voice from ship says
"Are you down there Mick ?"
"Come up right away"
"The ships sinking !"

Milligan on Rugby

Ireland had won the Triple Crown and decided to give the team new a new captain, Ciaran Fitzgerald a former army officer. He called a meeting of the team and they all called out "Aw jeez, Ciaran, come in . Have a jar" He said "No , lads. first things first". So he opened his Adidas bag, and took out a ball :
"Now this thing here is a Rugby ball".
And a voice from the back said
"Jaysus Ciaran . Your going to fast for us

and finally his infamous poem

I've got a three legged dog,
His name is Rover

Whenever he barks

He falls over !!

I have to confess Riga and any village gossip is extremely quiet, and the ongoing dissapearance of vilage people, it is becoming harder to get content for this blog, so until such time as there is sum semblance of seriusnews I am going to focus once again on the goingds on in Riga.

So on that note farewell until the next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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