Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time of Reflection

Again I have been remiss in updating this blog, but I trust that all my faith full readers ( well at three of you) will find this episode of interest and worth waiting for. As the blog is now in its 3rd year of existence, and during this time I have referred on many occasions to the "Village People" who are of course those of us who have chosen to live and work in Riga, and through the ospices of what was the the Village Hall have met, enjoyed a few beers and talked the talk as only men can do. It came to mind that over this time a few have left, and are sadly missed, but as I look forward so it is that a few more may soon be departing these shores and return to their respective homelands. So with that in mind I publish below what I think is a comprehensive list of those people whose company I have enjoyed over the years. As ever no names but for those who count then no names are needed. If you spot that I have missed someone out please let me know.
A few days ago Riga was one again invaded by overseas visitors but on this occasion it was not cretins from afar, but politicians from around the Baltic Sea, Actually the Prime Minister's of said countries. Now for obvious reason security was tight, but one evening returning from the Village Lounge and walking through Dome Square, I thought for a moment George W. Bush was back in Town !! - as the pictures below only partially shows - almost every police car in Riga was on duty. The only question is - WHY ? - because if they had to suddenly get out of the square, there would have been an almighty traffic jam. Just out of interest is there a word that describes such a gathering of police cars ?

The weather over the last few weeks has been outstanding, and two weekends ago saw once agin the annual summer fair at the Open Air museum. As ever it was a great occasion with every region in Latvia represented, showing off all the locally produced handicrafts. But these caught my eye.

This has to be the most unusual "Sauna" ever produced, and yes was for sale, and yes it really is a working Sauna.
Just what who need for a big mixing bowl, a big wooden spoon - maybe we should let the Home Nations Rugby team in on this and make this the official wooden spoon

And of course no Latvian Fair would be complete without a song, dance and musical event, and I have to confess I spent a happy hour just listening and watching, complete with a beer in hand.

Last week also saw the "official" party at the British Embassy in Riga to celebrate the Queens birthday. In keeping with tradition I was not invited, nor to the best of knowledge were any of the other British or Commonwealth village people - Do you think it is a conspiracy against us ? or is there simply a list of the "Right" people who get invited to such functions ?. One other word do not bother to send e-mails to the embassy as they simply do not respond. Even there web site is about three months out of date. Have no idea what they are supposed to be doing, but whatever it is they keep damn quiet about it !!!!!!

Next weekend sees the annual ritual of Ligo and Jani, so no doubt we are in for some serious bank holiday weather, but as I will be working it will not effect me - however the bad news is that our Village lounge will be closed for the duration.

On the Zvannieki front the kitchen is FINISHED !!!! - and we are now planning on getting the Electrics and plumbing updated again with the assistance of Rietumu Bank.

Finally if anyone out there would like a copy of the original word document containing the images of the Village People just let me know


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you send me a word version of the village people. thanks
Irish ex tobacco and floating busman.

6:34 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Hi D.... Telecoms Director.
I hope all is well, good to read your blog and catch up on village life, you do however seem to be running out of village people and more important village pubs!
Life in India is fine, nice and hot with the boys back at school and D... (fantastic Latvian Blonde) enjoying our new home which has some garden space to kick a football.
Keep up the good work, say hi to J.... (Representative of God on Earth) next time you see him.

Warm Regards
P.... (kiwi nomad)

1:56 pm  

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