Monday, March 03, 2008

Another one bites the dust !

Well I suppose it was inevitable, but as we have sat back over the last few months in the hopeful expectation that De Lacy's Mark 2 might arise, I can confirm that this will never happen. I happened purely by chance to meet up with our small but illustrious former host J..... (Irish with penchant for oversize jeans) this morning, as he and his good lady + son were making their way to the Tax office in Jerusalem iela (An Irishman going voluntary to the Tax office - now that's a first !)

Anyhow the bottom line is that he is heading back home in three weeks, for good ! - As I suspect we might be missing a farewell party I will take this opportunity to wish him and his family well back in Cork or wherever they settle, and thank him for providing us all with a village hall for which we all still remember with fond memories. A passing of time brings with such sweet sorrows .

So now we are down to the village lounge or the new Stella bar, for the latter whilst the service is excellent and the choice of beers (regretfully not mine) wide - the place lacks a certain ambience. Although I did while away a few hours on Saturday watching the Harlequins rugby match, in the company of the lone Irish village member J....(teller of tall tales, but builder of small buildings). Whilst we watch the game, listening to the commentary was difficult simply due to the background noise. Not that those from the UK limited were particularly noisy whilst watching the football, just that the acoustics are so bad that you feel you are sitting in a empty hall where any noise just bounces around the walls.

Anyhow in search of a beer to my taste I took myself back to the village lounge to watch the Cardiff Blues v Munster - Now was this game a possible indicator to next weekends match of Ireland v Wales ? - well as Cardiff managed to snatch victory almost in the dying minutes of the game, it will be interesting too see the effect it has (if any) on the result in Dublin.

Speaking of results did anybody notice that Glasgow beat the Ospreys last Friday night, or did it slip below the radar of a certain S.....(Welsh - with Osprey aspirations). No doubt we will here some lame excuse that it was a second team, as it appears the vast majority of the Welsh team play for the Ospreys. However that excuse will not change the result !

Now on a non rugby front, a thought passed through my mind whilst meandering in the park. How to have a fund raiser for Zvannieki in the summer ? - and it came to mind that amongst the village members we do have some who have connection in the entertainment world, in particular the music industry. So would it be possible to organise a concert ? Anyhow I have approached the individuals concerned to see if would be at all possible. But if any one out there has a an idea for the summer please let men know. Speaking of Zvannieki it will come as no surprise that our Latvian kitchen builder, has still not finished, and I suspect it will be a long time before we see him again.

So with young V....(Australian/Latvian - ship repairer of note) now heading back for a cruise from the Canary Islands on Wednesday, our only direct contact is gone for a few weeks. So if we have any budding kitchen fitters out there - I need your help !!

Now I may have mentioned ( but cannot remember) that dropped into our midst is a young Scottish lass, working it appears as an nanny for a senior member of one of our illustrious banks, P.....x. Now while I have seen her on a few occasions, usually in a state of serious inebriation, she appeared last week in the village lounge, but as you can see from below, nobody took the slightest bit of notice of her attire ( or the lack of it !)

Well apart from the Irish with there usual charm !

But if any of you needed convincing that this has been a mild summer, then this young lady's handkerchief ( sorry blouse) should convince you - this was on February 29th, which of course as we all know is the one day when a lady may make a proposal to a man, but your avid reporter did not listen in to the conversations.

Have a good week !


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