Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog goes multi lingual

Just to show that I am not biased and to ensure my multitude of worldwide readers can keep up to date with our Six Nations Challenge, and using my well known multi lingual skills, I publish below the results in French, Italian, Russian and for the wee man in Tokyo - Japanese !

Six Nations - histoire jusqu'ici

Eh bien maintenant avec trois tours complets, j'ai dans mes archives, une seule personne avec

une participation de 100% des dossiers -, mais je ne dis pas qui.. Ces ré

sultats ne comprennent pas les entrées de soleil au pays de Galles.

Cette histoire sera poursuivie .......................

Sei Nazioni - storia,

Con ben tre turni ora completo, ho il mio record in una sola persona, con un record del 100%

- ma non sto dicendo che. Questi risultati non includono quelle voci da sole Galles.

Questa storia sarà continuato .......................

Шесть Наций - история до сих пор

Ну с трех раундов сейчас полным, я имею в моих отчетах только один человек, на 100% записей, - но я не говорю, кто. Эти результаты не включают тех, солнечные элементы из Уэльса.

Эта история будет продолжена .......................


3ラウンドを完了している今、私は私のレコードを1つだけで100 %の記録を持っ



Impressive is it not !!


Blogger Peter said...

Dear Scot in Riga,
Good to see all going well and that all those un-named drinking buddies are still alive and well and no doubt awaiting the opening of the spring/summer outdoor beer gardens in the old town.
Dace and the boys will be back in Riga end of May before heading off to France and I hope to appear in June before going to France as well.
please send me your current email as I only seem to have old work ones.
Best Regards
Peter & Dace New Delhi

9:09 pm  

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