Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whats afoot ?

Some days are good days, some are not so good, and some are just painful, and so it was with our wandering Welshman S........ (I have broken more bones than you !!) on Wednesday of this week.

In the relatively early hours, as he aspired to rise from the horizontal position, his brain barely clicking into action, he did but remember that at the side of the bed was a large bag of glue sticks

Now at this point one must but ask why a bag of glue sticks were underneath his bed, was it in case his bed collapsed he good quickly stick it back together ? or was there a more surreal reason ? I hesitate to guess - but I can only hope it is not some perverse extension of the Welsh love of sheep !

Anyhow back to the story - so in an an effort to avoid the bag of glue sticks, he managed to bang into the wooden bed leg, which immediately produced a moment of excruciating pain - all say Aaahhhhhh......

When we met up on Wednesday morning, all I could see was a very bad impersonation of Hop a long Cassidy stumbling along Elizabetes iela. Thinking that it was the "knee" playing up again, I again expressed that he should go visit a vet and have it treated, but he then proceeded to regail me with the tale of the morning happenings.

So following a brief visit to the bank, we then limped along to the ARS clinic to allow the local vet to ascertain that he had indeed broken a toe, following his collision with the bed post.

Or to quote Lonnie Donegan

Does your glue stick loose its impact
Under the bed post overnight

etc etc .......

So for those who are interested here below is the foot in question, and the trick is find the broken toe
So let this be a warning to you all - under no circumstances place bags of glue stick underneath your bed, and above all watch out for the bed posts, they can be lethal weapons in the right feet !


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