Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh God its another Year !!

Well here we are again, on the brink of yet another year, which will mean that in April once again my life clock will turn another notch . The good news is so will yours !

But as ever we will all "celebrate" the birth of the New Year in the anticipation that it cannot be any worse than the last year, and of course we will make resolutions, which in all probability we will never keep.

However I can proudly claim, that the resolutions which I first published in December 2006 and I have firmly adhered to, so on the basis that they clearly work, I will repeat them for 2008

Not stop smoking
Not stop having a beer
Not stop working
Continue to enjoy life as best I can
Do my best for my family
Do the best that I (we) can for the children at Zvennieku

However this is unlike the mad Docs New Year resolution, better known as V.....(Latvian/Mexican of now dubious mental health) - has decided that he is going to train and run in Helsinki marathon in August 2008 ?? - Can you believe this and all because he will be forty next year, and wants to regain his youthful figure, and minimise his future health risks. I personally cannot think of a greater health risk than running a marathon.

But in any event I wish him every success, now all it takes for the madness to be complete is for his former Irish training partners to join him in this endeavour - Any bets ?

So as I write this on new Years eve, I would like to thank all of 9,382 visitors to the blog since day one for taking to time to read my drivel, and more importantly for giving your time, money and effort in our support of Zvannieki.

I trust you all have a great evening, and that the New Year brings you all that you wish, for me it will bring for certain a new grandchild and a new son-in-law , so not a bad start for 2008.

And should you be wondering where I will partake of a refreshment this evening, then no prizes, at the Village Lounge

Not so sure about the Swedish stand up, particularly as I am told his sole prop will be a bar stool, so maybe it will be sit down comedy, but given he is not due to make his appearance until the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I suspect it may be more lie down comedy !!

Have a good one !


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