Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Infamous Victory

Now we all know that to succeed in life or indeed business, one needs to make yourself stand out from the hoards or competitors. Recently for example our village lounge has taken to dispensing authentic Indian Food, thereby saving the patrons from having to leave the establishment to seek a little spice in there life.

Well on a similar theme (Spice of life that is) - a new establishment called the "Victory" has recently opened its doors with a new twist in providing a little spice to its patrons. Now this "new" establishment is in fact the Old Tim McShanes Irish bar, but now having been refurbished, it is opening its doors with a bar on the ground floor, but in the basement - why a strip club !! - so now our visiting cretins can indulge in a beer and then suitably under the influence and without having to step out into the cold and wintry streets of Riga, they can simply descent into the basement and get fleeced there.

A brilliant if somewhat dubious concept, ensuring that in one establishment they can well and truly provide the spice of life to those of questionable mental capacity.

I was also indebted this week to S....(Ukranian retired bartender) for informing me as to what the Red Rabbits spread across Riga were all about, and now knowing it is so obvious - it was a campaign on behalf of Sony to promote their Bravia Televisions. Now you have to admit the connection between a Red Rabbit and a Television is at best a bit dubious, but who are we to doubt the infinite wisdom of the Sony marketeers. Anyhow it is obviously a short lived campaign as the Rabbits have dissapeared.

But in there place we have shiny silver Angels, scattered all over town, I presume promoting peace and goodwill to all men. But I do have one question - what is the symbolism behind the angels having there feet immersed in concrete ? Is it to stop them flying away ? or is it more sinister - are they due to thrown into the river ? - Keep listening whilst I fathom out this latest mystery to hit Riga.

Now speaking of hitting Riga, young T...(American candlestick maker) has recently returned from his homeland, but something has happened to him. In all the years that I have known him his outanding characteristics have been - his exceedingly loud laugh - his ability to make any liquid stick to his beard, and a very American dress sense ( none that is !) - but lo and behold, after what I can only assume to have been a major piece of mindbending on his return, and not just on one occasion but todate twice he has appeared fully dressed in a suit and tie. If you do not believe see the photographic evidence below.

Now on the Zvannieki front the kitchen is proceeding, albeit slowly to its final conclusion, we had planned to go on mass last weekend to paint the kitchen and dining room, but discovered at the last minute that the walls were "not quite" ready for painting. When I visited on Monday of this week to deliver the stainless steel kitchen sink, kindly donated by V.... (Mexican/Latvian with a totally useless facts at his disposal) - the lads were hard at work putting the finishing touches to the electrics, walls and ceilings, and as you can see painting would have been impossible.

But never fear we are off on Thursday to at least get the kitchen painted as I am assured that our hitherto invisible kitchen man will be fitting out the kitchen next week ( Fingers crossed that this does happen). So if all goes to plan hmmmmmmmm! the final finishing touches will be done on December 20th - so once agin we can but hope that they will have a bright and shiny new kitchen and dining room before Christmas.

Now just in case any of are wondering where our kitchen project manager in chief is going to be during the next few days, I can reveal all - V...(Australian/Latvian builder and now seafarer) and his sidekick D........(English with some wonderful boys toys) are off on a cruise. Now in order to afford this trip of a lifetime they are having to work there passage ! And the cruise destination? - well lets just say that their French will have dramatically improved before there return.

So now as Christmas slowly comes upon us, and with global warming seriously effecting us, I am happy to say that Riga is still basking in relatively ward climes, no snow in sight - so it looks like the winter wonderland that in years gone past has fallen on Riga, will this year be replaced by damp and miserable rain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter what happens or where you drink No establishment will ever replace DeLacy's, therefore Paddy Wheelans Irish Bar is a 2nd best for the locals of Riga and past staff of Delacy's - TRUE FACTS FROM - DAD

2:57 am  

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