Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rugby Dinosaur

Now last weekend was to put it mildly "interesting", Saturday began for me at an ungodly hour, 9.00am to join a group of rampaging, beer drinking, toast making Australians to watch there equivalent of the Cup final, but in this case it was Australian Rules Football, between Port Adelaide and Geelong ( does somebody actually live in a place called Geelong ?). Now I make no pretensions at even beginning to understand a game that is played on an oval pitch, with a rugby shaped ball, and has 4 quarters of 25 minutes ( ??) - But anyway by the time I arrived the game was well and truly over and no one seemed vaguely interested. The game itself finally ended with PA winning 163 to 44 - looks more like a 20:20 cricket score.
For anyone interested as to how the game progressed then try

The afternoon saw me upstairs at the village lounge to watch the Wales v Fiji, sadly the Fijians won and so marched onto the Quarter finals, leaving the Welsh nation in a state of mourning however on a positive note Scotland did win with a less than convincing win over Italy, and will now face Argentina, to which I say remember Maggie Thatcher !!.

On the domestic front, we have finally tracked down our missing S......( Remember him - the worst taste in music man ) - he resurfaced at the Stella Bar - so now all of the former members of the De Lacy's beer ensemble have been located. The Stella bar is not really my cup of tea, but I am sure the cretins will appreciate S..... wit and humour, fortunately he cannot select the music

Now in my last blog I alluded to the possibility that one of the village members only possessed one pair of shoes, to which he immediately responded via the comments to indicate in no uncertain terms that he does indeed possess more than one pair.
"I would like to put it on record that I have more than one pair of shoes. But is it any wonder that I don't dare to wear them out. The writer has a tendency of pouncing on anyone wearing adventurous footwear, photographing them and posting it on this blog for public ridicule as evidenced in this very article. Footwear fascist!"

Not sure what he meant by But is it any wonder that I don't dare to wear them out, does he mean he does not dare wear them out of his apartment, in which case - why ?, or does he mean that he does not want to wear them out, such that will need repair ?

However he kindly agreed to pose with what I had obviously mistaken as his single pair of shoes - however as can be seen this pair are in need of love, attention and a polish, if he is rise in the ranks of the educational establishment. Or am I the only person that looks at the state of a persons shoes whenever I meet them, must be the RAF training !With the arrival of October ALL of the outdoor bars have disappeared, and so once again Riga has begun to wear its grey coat of Winter, and likewise the trees are shedding their leaves in a grand carpet of colour, and providing work once again to the leaf sweeper upperers, who as they do every year simply amaze me with there daily devotion to sweeping up the leave that have fallen since the previous day.

So of the weekend to come, again a festival of Rugby, but I fear that yet another Celtic race will bite the dust, though given the recent performance of the Scottish football teams, who knows, perhaps another miracle is on its way. But a question to the morons who are running this world cup, what on earth possessed you to put a game on in the centre of Paris at 9.00pm in the evening ?
So to all and sundry have a good weekend, and for those fortunate enough to be at one of the games - enjoy the atmosphere, but I wonder how many New Zealand fans there will be in Cardiff - me thinks a few cheap tickets will be going a begging. But to close a word of cheer for the Irish, who have at least for the moment not sacked their coach


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