Thursday, July 12, 2007

It make you proud to be British ?????

Another British citizen detained for relieving himself at Freedom Monument

RIGA, July 11 (LETA) - This morning, the police detained another British citizen who was relieving himself at Latvia's symbol of independence - Freedom Monument. Aigars Berzins from the State Police's Press and Public Relations Department told LETA that early morning at 4.20 a.m. police officers detained a drunken British citizen (born 1974), who was urinating on the Freedom Monument. The detainee was taken to a police station, where alcohol tests showed his blood alcohol level at 1.

The man was fined LVL 50 for minor hooliganism. As reported, on June 4, the Riga Central District Court imposed a LVL 45 fine against another British citizen, the 28-year-old John Hart, who was caught urinating near the Freedom Monument on March 16.

The man's friends were taking pictures of the man while he was urinating. Riga Municipal Police drew up an administrative protocol for minor hooliganism. The police also conducted an alcohol breath test, which showed that the man had a 2.83 blood alcohol level.

One more British tourist was caught urinating on the Freedom Monument early November 11. The Prosecutor General's Office imposed a fine of nine minimum monthly wages (LVL 810) on the man.

I have a question, if the first cretin was fined Ls 810.00, why is the third cretin only fined Ls 50.00 ?? - Latvia get a grip make the fine at least Ls 1000.00 + a few days in prison and make his name public.

It also good to see that the "advice" issued by the British Embassy is working so well !!!


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