Monday, June 25, 2007

World Exclusive !

Last Thursday, and event took place in Riga for which we have been waiting for close to nine months - Patrick O'Brien was born, and weighed in at 4.1 kilo's. And this blog can now release the first picture of said child -
A handsome little chap - must take after his mother !

Anyhow to J.... (Irish - and generous to fault) and his good lady, on behalf of all village members we send our congratulations and best wishes, and look forward to wetting the wee fella's head at the village hall.

I have been somewhat remiss with the blog in recent days, but will update with all the village happenings later today, but wanted to get this world exclusive into the internet world.

Strange but true, in the last year we have now had three babies named Patrick - is this a coincidence ? or is the name becoming popular ?
Patrick J........ (English Dad- Latvian Mum)
Patrick L....... (Latvian Dad and Mum), and now
Patrick O'B...... (Irish Dad and Latvian Mum)`

Now in the case of the latter the name was chosen (a) because it is Irish and (b) The Latvianisation of the name is Patricks -so not to much of a difference.


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