Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A fine affair

Well as promised here is the photographic evidence of the first meeting of the Indian Appreciation Society
The Group

The group minus me !

Scary Huh ?

You do wonder what the Lady is looking down at !

What self respecting Indian restaurant serving Indian, Thai and Chinese food would not have a belly dancer - only in Riga !

Well now we move onto Monday in De Lacy's, and lo and behold here he is again, but this time with his good Lady, but for some reason notice the absence of the beaming smile so resplendent at the Indian Dinner - mmm ?

T'is me - nice suite !

Now for those who are in the know, it appears that the Irish president is in town and in honour of her visit all Irish persons were summoned to appear before her. Now this meant that it was a black tie do. J.... (Irish - man of distinction and loved by all, tea total, hates late nights, and I forget what else he told me to write) did not have a tuxedo, so off he went to the dress hire shop and duly ordered one. But this being Riga when he actually went to collect it - it was not there, as the previous client had not returned IT ! - Apparently they only had one. Undaunted off he went and spent a princely sum of money and bought one, regretfully they did not quite have one his size, nor it appears did they have bow ties.

Now in case you do not recognise the one on the left this J... (Irish - retired tobacco magnate) with his new look in hairstyle - could this be Irelands answer to James Bond ? as for the other J.... well not sure if he was going to the reception or a wake - however thanks to the technology that is now available to me, I can rectify the follicle loss and incorrect tie wear of the Irish Party goers - thus - much better I think

of course it could have been a white tie do - in which case

and finally

newly installed in De Lacy's art galleries are these dispensers, which are the strangest toilet rolls I have ever seen, do you have to straighten them out before use ?

Cannot quite put my finger on it, but for some reason the above images do remind me a certain village member


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