Monday, May 14, 2007

Meaning of Life

Its Monday night and it is nearly 12.00pm and as I sit here watching my little band of helpers calling some American personages as to what they think about Philips savers/light bulbs etc - I do begin to wonder about the meaning of life.

Prior to the start of my little evening soiree, I partook of a little of a little refreshment at the village hall. On entering there lo and behold was J.... (English - recently returned from his Egyptian stone gathering expedition ) and J... (Irish Lat counter), followed by S..... (Welsh computer snatcher) - then J... (Irish - fellow computer snatcher), C.... (English - Riga/Jurmula commuter) , V.... (Australian building magnate) and finally V.... (Mexican/Latvian - accident specialist).

Now being a Monday night the conversation was varied but can be summed as follows

J..... - refused to acknowledge that he has pledged Ls20.00 re Grand National draw, on the basis that (1) he was not here (are we to blame for this ?) and (2) he knew nothing about it (but that was because he was not here - see 1) - now in case you are wondering to which of the above J....'s I refer - look to to a picture clue on the left
Got it Good ! -
He then proceeded to regale us with some weird tale of Welsh Football and how he single handed managed to get some weird team blackballed for implying that the referee was of colored species with no known father. It appears this outcry upset the local football authorities, who clearly were unused to such declarations being made within a sporting environment.

V... on the other hand had a much more colorful story, as what him being a doctor, he was immediately able to diagnose that he was suffering from whiplash, following (well this is his story - but who do have to wonder why he called it whiplash) a car accident where he was shunted in the rear by a driver apparently suffering from a slight alcohol overdose. However he then proceeded to "leg" it, only to be caught a few minutes later by the ever vigilant Riga Police.

J.... 3rd - -then proceeded to say that the Leicester Rugby team a re a bunch of cheats, without actually explaining why - perhaps another time.
C.... on the other hand departed early as he had a date with a lawn mower.

So there you have it - yet another scintillating set of conversations about absolutely nothing, which makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable !
Today saw also take the first tentative steps to assisting the Zvannieki home purchase its own property. A meeting was held with the Rietumu Bank to see what advice they could offer, and whether not they could assist in any way in providing sufficient loans to facilitate the purchase. Far to early to say what will happen, but fair to say we were given a good hearing. Juris Calitis and Sandre were in attendance, and with a bit of luck they will get a response one way or the other in the latter part of this week, so fingers crossed.
As to what the actual meaning of life really is - well I suspect for each of us it is something different, but a least for me and at this time - To enjoy good friends, good beer and insane conversation will suffice.
Good Night - or in my case Good Morning !


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