Monday, April 02, 2007

The deed is done - almost !

Well Sunday afternoon finally saw the official handover of the Zvannieki Renault Trafic mini bus. I had hoped to be publishing photographs of the handover, but this being
Latvia, there had to be a snag.

Earlier on Sunday I had gone to the dealer to collect the mini bus, only to find that there were absolutely no stickers on the mini bus. No Rietumu logo, nor Smiley fund logo ! - Frantic phone calls to sign maker proved fruitless, as it appeared there had been some confusion over when the stickers were to be ready. So the mini bus was delivered without the stickers, but with the agreement that we would return later in week to have them put on.

The actual handover was a quiet affair, as certain members of the Smiley fund, were glued to their television screen, in the village lounge, watching Leicester v Stade de France in the Heineken Quarter-final - so I cut a lonely figure representing the Smiley fund. We did have representatives from Rietumu Bank, who carried the official handover.

It goes without saying that Zvannieki were over the moon with their new transport. So now we have to focus on getting the kitchen installed !
Sunday evening proved to be interesting, as having returned to the village lounge following the handover, I indulged in a few beers and joined the happy band to watch the closing minutes of the rugby game. Joining us in a near sober state was young R.. (He thinks - I Think - We think)
And of course the indispensable Welshman S...... trying to fathom the intricacies of digital photography. He actually taking a picture of B..... (teacher of note - B flat )

Thereafter I walked home in a very pleasant if somewhat chilly evening, only to stumble/trip/fall, inflicting serious damage to my left shoulder and right hand index finger. Indeed I have spent today at the hospital having X-rays and a checkout to ascertain the damage.

It appears nothing is broken, but that I have sustained muscle damage in my upper left arm. So after a injection my rear (why my rear as the pain is in my shoulder ?) and a prescription for a course of tablets - I am hopeful that in a few days all will be well, because getting dressed is a serious challenge, apart from being decidedly painful, and I am no good with pain.
So hopefully next week we will have pictures of the stickered mini bus - with Easter approaching I think my body is in need of a rest - so quiet weekend is in the planning, as many of our erstwhile village members will be heading for home.
For those interested the picture at the top was taken on a beatiful evening last week, with the sun setting over the river daugava


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