Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A bit of a do

Now where to start this blog ? I think a little mention of the Rugby last weekend is a good place. However before I add my own thoughts let me quote from Sean Davies - BBC Wales Sports Journalist

"So how can a side like Wales, who lived and thrived on that edge between prudence and disaster in 2005, be reduced to the ineptitude of Murrayfield in 2007 ?" Ah what a question and our welsh incumbent S...... has threatened ( actually promised) to shove his head through the frozen ice on the River Daugava.

Of course I personally would never gloat over such a victory - not much I wouldn't - as I cried in a slightly raised voice - WE ARE THE PEOPLE ! so sad to see grown man cry !

Now at the beginning of the Six Nations, and in order to raise a wee bit of money for Zvannieki, S...... (Welsh ice head diving champion) organised a competition, where you had to forecast what the result of all the matches would be. There would be a first prize and a prize for the person getting the worst score. Now with my limited knowledge of the game I was quite confident of getting the latter, but can you believe it, of the six games played today, I have forecast 5 correct !! and to cap it all of Reading won again, and are now vying for a place in Europe - surreal is it not ?

Last week saw the visit of yet another little Irish person S... (actually English but with Irish bookmaker aspirations). He was treated royally and in the space of four days managed to take in nearly every night club in Riga. I have suspicion that this will not be his last visit. S

So once again a most enjoyable weekend, and with a lull in the Rugby activities next weekend, I think time to take a break from alcohol next weekend.

Monday night saw us, as ever, return to our village centre, where S..... (Welsh- eater of strange vegetables), A.... (English - white goods merchandiser), J.... (English - keeper of the gates), C.... (English - now with a proper job), S... (English Irishman), and myself set about to setting the world right. Now what do six men indulging in there favourite pastime discuss. Rugby - well we were not allowed to talk about that ! - Politics - always a banned subject - No we set about trying to impress each other in regards to our culinary skills, or in some cases the lack of them, if we are not careful we will be setting up a sewing / knitting club ! Now this conversation was started when S.... advised that he was having a meat stew that evening, cooked I have to say by his good lady A......(Welsh - with tall aspirations) - but within it was some strange vegetable, which neither of them could recognise - we all await the taste test with insatiable interest

Hitting the headlines this week was the story from China, where there is a dire lack of women for men to marry, well there may be a solution as Latvia has a dire lack of men. So perhaps some bright entrepreneur could (should) set up an agency to allow the men in China to meet the women in Latvia - and thereby solve this crisis in both countries.
Returning briefly to the subject of Rugby, and from my little experience of these major sporting fixtures - I did attend a game at the old Cardiff Arms park to see Wales v Scotland, it does seem to me that the toilet facilities are somewhat lacking, and knowing that certain person will be in Paris in the near future to see France beat Wales - I came across what will surely be the solution to required toilet breaks, and the associated lack of facilities, particularly in France. Its name is "Stadium Pal ", and full details can be found at http://www.stadiumpal.com/what-makes-it-work.htm - it is clearly a winner - but it does remind me of a story that Billy Connolly told some time ago - anyhow check it out.
Update on the Zvannieki kitchen, our planned design has been rejected, as they want the "garage" to be the dining room and what we had planned as the dining room to be the kitchen - so back to the drawing board, and finally -
Can someone please explain to me the logic De Lacy's keeping the front door of the said establishment open, when the temperature is minus 15 ? - I was advised that the reason was so that people would know they were open - I think not event the cretins can figure out that by looking through the windows and seeing people in there that the place is open - So a plaintive cry from me - CLOSE THE DOOR - as all I get is a back ache from the draft coming in !


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I see that you have mentioned rugby in your entry. I would like to speak with you about publishing some articles on the sport.


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