Tuesday, January 30, 2007

seek and yea shall find

It never fails to amaze me how people from all over the world stumble across this blog, and the various phrases they use on search engines, which lead them to me.

But this morning on checking who has been visiting, I came across what must be the strangest yet. So to the person in Keispelt, Luxembourg, who searched for "fastum gel directions lower back pain" - I hope my blog helped - but I suspect not.

Earlier in the week a number of visitors using such search phrases as "drink in Riga" - "cigarette prices in Riga" - and "girls in De Lacy's" (don't think the last one produced much) - but in these cases I suspect it was potential cretins seeking to get inside information - I guess the cretin season is about to get into full swing.

I am delighted to say that global warming has stopped - and that we are now enjoying a proper winter, complete with snow and sub zero temperatures - and I can once again practice my Riga shuffle. And yes the magic snow cleaner upperers are back in action, fresh from there break. However I do notice that in some cases technology is taking over from the old aluminium scrapers. Outside the Reval hotel I did but see the man sitting on his mini tractor, merrily shoving/brushing the snow aside.

Even outside the Swedish embassy technology has been set in place, but this time I think to the detriment of the snow cleaner. It was one of the machines that looks like a lawn mower, but sweeps up the snow and blows it to one side, well at least normally that is what it does. But in this case it simply blew it in front of the machine. So she all you could really do was continually sweep up the same snow, until such times as it was one on someone else's bit of pavement

Last weekend the three intrepid explorers S......(Welsh with mild interest in rugby) - J... (Irish and a serious hangover) and myself set out for Zvannieki in order to measure up for the new kitchen. All being well we should get this completed before April. For those interested in proposed layout see below -

Hopefully all concerned will be happy with the proposed layout. Plan is to get costs for this completed within the next two weeks and then move.

Now a question - What do you get when three men of Celtic persuasion, head for a night out in Riga ? - Answer a seriously sore head. On Friday of last week M.....( high reputation) - J... (low reputation) and J.... (claims to be easily led astray). They started their evening quite innocently in De Lacy's, then meandered to a new restaurant in Elizabetes called Amphora where it is said they drank the place out of wine. Subsequently, and I am sure this was pure coincidence in the choice of restaurant, they happened to be close to a well know night club in Elizabetes. I am told it is a hang out for Jockeys. There they indulged in whatever you indulge in such establishments, but then in the wee hours of the morning, a combined decision saw them leave and head for another evening establishment located in the Reval Hotel. The one good thing was that they all saw a beautiful sunrise, albeit I suspect through rose tinted eyes.

Saturday as I am sure all of you would know was Australia Day, and and is the custom, a number of them took to the cricket field to play cricket. With temperatures well below zero and snow on the ground - I can but offer my congratulations to these hardy soles. On completion of the game they took themselves of to P..... (Irish Pub - but our weekend getaway) - to participate in some well earned refreshments. I suspect the Australian/Latvian cricket team would even give the current English team as good thrashing.

As ever we three explorers joined them, and partook of a game of rugby on the TV, along with a few beers - a most pleasant Saturday.

And finally J......(Australian/Latvian - and did NOT attend Australia Day) has now promised to read my blog, despite his disparaging remarks re blogs in general. So J...... Welcome to the my readership, and I promise I will not publish any negative comment in regards to your good self - now about your bad self - well that is fair game !! - and I am sure your good lady really believes you were out on business last night - does she not ?


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