Thursday, November 23, 2006

Riga is closed

For all of you thinking of visiting our fair city next week, a word of advice DO NOT !!

Riga is standing by to welcome all heads of state and their associated entourage, who are members of NATO. It expected that overall some 5,000+ will be arriving.

So in the interest of security, they have basically closed the city, declared it a National Holiday for the duration, and advised all citizens of Latvia, STAY AWAY FROM RIGA!

When I say they have established a security zone I mean a serious security zone - see below, all the bits marked in red, Green and Purple are basically within the secure Zone, it extends from the Airport all the way into the old town and out where the meeting is actually being held

or visit

to see the map in full.

and if you really want to read about what this NATO meeting means for us mere mortals who are unfortunate enough to live in or near these so called security areas check out

Oh lucky us !! - but I guess it is a bit of feather in the cap for Latvia, given that they have only been a member of NATO for a few years, but on a personal level I could live without it.

Now on more mundane matters the dinner being organised to raise funds is going well, as of today we have 14 confirmed attendees, and I am confident we will get around 20-25 by the time the date arrives - 7:30 pm 14th December for those who do not know. If I missed you and you would like to attend then please let me know. If you cannot make it but would like to make a contribution to the Smiley Fund appeal on behalf of Zvannieki home, then please send to Their account at Rietumu Bank ( for account details see bar at side of this page).

This week, has been a strange one, at least as far as the weather is concerned +8-10 degrees, but damp, wet and miserable - Frankly I look forward to getting some snow, few a few degrees below.

Last weekend saw the return of one of our village people - C..... (Needs a haircut and plays with railway tracks) - he arrived unannounced - but was quick to identify where we would be to watch the Rugby. Good to see him again - and no doubt he will be back in the New Year.

No update in regards to our "British" Citizen arrested for urinating in Riga, hopefully still enjoying the comforts of Riga's finest jail.

Speaking of Cretins, and in particular those who smoke, be warned that if you are caught throwing your cigarette butt on the pavement or road, you are liable for an instant LS 10.00 fine, if caught by Riga Police. Nice One !! ( I know I smoke but I am a tidy smoker !!)


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