Thursday, November 09, 2006

Disaster In Riga !!

Now what you might wonder could such a headline indicate, Bubonic Plague ?, Collapse of major building ?, Hundreds dying in road accident ? - No it was much worse - a broken water pipe !!

Well the disaster was not so much the broken water pipe, more the consequence of the broken pipe - De Lacy's was Closed !

As is my wont I wandered into the old town last night after an a hard day at the office, fondly looking forward to downing a pint, having a chat, before retiring to home, but as I turned the corner heading towards De Lacy's - there it was in total darkness, with a brief but descriptive note stuck to the window - WE ARE SHUT ! - (followed a pitiful excuse about the burst water pipe) - do we drink water - NO - but I guess it also put the toilets and the washing up service, out of action. Why can this not happen when the cretins are in town - Truly the man upstairs has a warped sense of humour.

So I ( and many others) wandered along to P........, where we adjourned upstairs and enjoyed our Happy Hour - half price Drinks (are you reading this little Irish bar type person - HALF PRICE DRINKS !!).

So thirst duly quenched I did but wander home past the still darkened doors of our little village centre - SAD !

Now at the request of the our roving Swedish reporter J......., I have been asked to spread the word that on the evening of 24th November, downstairs at P....... (if you don't know where I am not spelling it out), starting at 8.30pm 'ish, he is hosting his world famous comedy evening (some of you may remember his last effort in 2005).

Well this year it is to celebrate his Dads 50th Birthday - so he is asking all who enjoy Swedish humour (remember the cooks in the Muppet Show ?) to attend and bask in comical monologue which he will deliver.

Please see the poster below (sorry I did not get it all in) - and note that it will be performed in front of a "live2 audience, so this demands that at one person turns up - so help the support the man if you can.

As I mentioned before this weekend is Remembrance Sunday, and I plan once more to visit the Jelgava cemetery for the service of remembrance. If anyone would like to join me please let me know, I will be leaving Riga around 9:15am - -9:30am on Sunday morning.

For all who enjoy Rugby, then this weekend we can watch on Saturday England v Argentina and Wales v PI at the same time (4.30pm) and then good match New Zealand v France in the evening, but not Australia v Italy nor Ireland v South Africa.

Hopefully visiting Zvannieki on Saturday, to see if we can get the electrical items up and running, and to check on outstanding works.

As I indicated before the man upstairs has a goodly sense of humour, now last weekend the road to Zvannieki would have been frozen solid, but this weekend - Oh No ! - it has done nothing but rain for the last few days, with more to come, so the road will be its usual mud patch, and no S..... to help with the digging out - watch this space !


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