Monday, October 23, 2006

Well it is getting towards that time of the year again, so in this brief entry a plea to all you have either in past supported our efforts to raise money for the Zvannieki home , or who simply would like to make a small contribution to making this Christmas a special one.

Our Smiley fund has really only a simple purpose to raise money for use at Christmas, and if anything is left over to help out with specific projects as they come along. It is not meant as a replacement for the on going fund raising and support that Zvannieki gets to meet its day to day needs.

If you would like to help then please send money ( every little helps) to the Smiley fund bank account - detail are on the right hand side of the blog. If you do send a contribution please take the time to let me know, as the folks at Zvannieki like to know and thank the contributors.

Last year in money and goods we raised the equivalent of Ls 1600.00+, of which today we have a balance of Ls 385.00.

And just as Christmas is fast approaching, likewise so is the New Year, for those of you who attended the New Year's Part in the Latvian Chamber of Commerce, well Uve and Juris have once again volunteered to organise same. So if you would like tickets or simply to get details please contact Uve at and put the date in your diary - as last year it was simply a really good night, without breaking the bank


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