Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wishful Thinking !

An update on our "British Citizen", currently enjoying Latvian prison hospitality.

his is taken from leta news ( )

Great Britain urges its tourists to behave in Latvia with responsibility and respect

RIGA, Nov 14 (LETA) - After the unpleasant incident where a drunk British citizen was detained relieving himself at the Freedom Monument in Riga, the British Embassy has released a statement, urging its residents to behave in Latvia with responsibility and respect.

Lelde Pfafrode from the British Embassy's to Latvia Press and Public Relations Office informed LETA that the embassy has been in touch with the British-born citizen, who in the early hours of November 11 - Lacplesis Day or Commemoration Day of Latvian Freedom Fighters, was caught by police relieving himself at the Freedom Monument.

The embassy has provided consular assistance for him.The Embassy's Consular Department plans to launch an informative campaign, whose target audience would be British tourists, in order to promote responsible behavior in Latvia.

The embassy, however, would refrain from commenting on individual incidents. As reported, the State Police has ordered the 30-year-old British citizen to remain in Latvia. His bail money was set at LVL 3,000.

On November 12, a criminal case was opened against the man for disorderly conduct or "minor hooliganism".

The charge carries a penalty of either up to two years in prison, detention, community service or a fine up to 50 minimum monthly wages

Lets hope he gets what he deserves, and that this incident gets some publicity back in the UK.

Interesting to note that whilst I am delighted that this incident is getting the publicity it deserves, at least here in Latvia - it is stark comparison to the lack of publicity given both locally and in the UK when young T....... was murdered last year.

Makes you wonder...............


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adventures of drunk young Britons continue in Spain, after Greece and Latvia.

"A string of crimes committed by drunk young Britons against locals and other tourists (ranging from vandalism incidents to public indecency and a handful of violent episodes) in areas popular with young British partiers (notably Faliráki in Rhodes and Kávos in Corfu), made national headlines in the summer of 2003. Authorities have since stepped up police presence in these areas to crack down on lewd behavior."

"'We never want them back'... drunken British students wreck Spanish resort"

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