Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little of what you like !

Since my arrival in Riga way back in 1995, there has been a whole host of changes, some good and some not so good. But one of the things that remained constant has been one young lady, who from upstairs at Paddies, to the Flying Frog and of course much more recently at De Lacy's has continued with good grace and always a cheerful smile to serve me a pint of whatever beer I was drinking at the time.

In my opinion she rates as one of the best bar persons anywhere - BUT just when you think at least there are some things that are consistent, what happens she changes her whole being, (well her hair).

So this blog is dedicated to the I..... who we all love, and even with this new hair thingy, we will continue to enjoy that smile, and who knows perhaps in the Spring her hair will revert to the colour to which we have all grown accustomed, and life can once return to "normal". But women being fickle creatures, and of slaves of fashion - so it may well be that we will be surprised by yet another colour change.
However for those of you ex villagers, I present the new look I..... - comments from afar will be welcome.


Blogger Yoke Wei said...

Hi Guys,
"I" will always look gorgeous as ever, even if she goes bald like somebody I know. And the service, mate, you are spot on.

Carry on carrying on.

Best Regards from Malaysia!


2:51 pm  
Anonymous Rob said...

just to let all villagers know that "R" ex-village person shall Finally be back in Riga at the end of March..... and he has not forgotten a curry for "S" welsh person...... looking forward to having a beer or two with everyone

2:55 pm  

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