Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One to many

A brief follow on from yesterday's blog, young J....(English Gate Erector), and shortly to depart our shores to visit the lumps of bricks in Egypt, found himself last night in the village hall, (is it my imagination but does he spend his life there ?) - trying to establish if he could watch his beloved Tottenham Hotspur play Chelsea in the FA cup replay at his temporary home or if he had to stay in De Lacy's.

Now clearly this was a tricky question, and even his comments " I would far prefer to watch it at home" did somehow not ring true.

However with the arrival of J....(Irish - and still looking for the treasure) - who was clearly set (again) for a "session".

Anyhow as is my way, I left them to it, with some two hours to go before the kick off, promising to check if it was on local satellite program. Having called him to let him know it was, it became clear that due to a malfunctioning brain - he had entered into a bet with J....( yes another J - and Irish- but renowned Irish Limbo dancing champion) in regards to the winner.

With Ls50.00 riding on the outcome, I am sure that this morning we have one happy Irish Bar owner - so drinks are on him, as I am sure that betting within licenced premises in Latvia is illegal !

Not that I am overly interested, but it does appear that we are heading for a Chelsea v Manchester United Cup Final at the new Wembley.

Last week I heard from our ex village member M... ( New Zealand - plastic flower arranger) - I show below his e-mail :

Good to see that spring has arrived for you in Riga, as I know how much you hate the cold weather.

We had an unexpected storm 2 nights ago and our temperature dropped to just above what yours is now. Well its gone and back with our the lovely sunny weather again and for the weekend - will be 24 to 26c :-)

It would only be an Aussy who would go to such extremes about sheep on a web site - but the problem for them is they also have a hell of a lot of sheep - which mainly live on baron country as they have very little grass ( there full of red dirt & that's why there meats so dry) they have far more of their land mass in baron red dirt than grass country side - not like the lovely green country side of NZ . Well enough about that.

Was interesting catching up on your informative Blogg site in the early hours of this morning.

Larisa is busy as she has been going to school full time since the start of this year studying English & doing really good.

Me well I'm still working around the country and enjoying it, almost away working somewhere in NZ or Aussy as much as I'm home.

Give my regards to all the locals I know and all the staff at Delacy's & my Son - & especially Sergi - and I agree with you about his bloody loud music.


Merv & Larisa

No sign of return to Riga, but good to know that he and his good lady are well and that we are still in there thoughts - once a village member, always a village member.

I will have to go and check to see if there wedding padlock is still on the bridge, but somehow I fear it will have gone.

For all members aways from Riga, be advised that it is a glorious day here, blue shies, sunshine and daytime temperature forecasted to be around 13 degrees.


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