Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Artist in Residence

Some time ago I mentioned a young artist (photographer) who was now resident in Latvia to create a pictorial diary of his stay here. He can be found at well not to be outdone De Lacy's has for the last few days (weeks !) also had an artist in residence.

You may remember that De Lacy's recently opened two art galleries, well they have now got an in house resident (apparently) artist, who operates under the Non de Plume of " Not Working" But as we know this is simply an anagram for Got Inn Work ! which of course is exactly what this particular artist clearly specialises has.

Each night for the last few days, he has locked himself away in one of the galleries in which to create his own masterpiece. The other evening I managed to peek into, what I am told was an unfinished piece - I stood in sheer amazement, now I am no art expert, but the immediate impression is of a minimalist style - a solid single color - Green, covers all of the walls, but this is offset by the untouched interior of the gallery entrance door, which remains in its full resplendent impressionist style.

Now what "Got Inn Work" has in store for the second gallery we can but wait and see, but I suspect it will follow in a similar fashion to the first.

Now if you think it has only grabbed my attention, you would be wrong, the queues to visit the gallery stretched nearly to the front door at times, such was the level of interest in gaining entrance. Hopefully when the second gallery is re-opened this will cut down on the queuing times to gain entrance. Indeed it was noticeable that such was the excitement created that some of the patrons unable to contain themselves went across the road to a Restaurant Boutique called Hesburger to check out their galleries.

So to J.... (Irish artisan) and all of the staff involved in this new artistic endeavour - Congratulations, as who else would have thought of allowing us the village people and the guests from the UK & Ireland the privilege of being able to watch the "Got Inn Work" artist in action. Any other art gallery would probably have done it when no one was in the gallery itself - such innovation is to be but admired.

But enough of this praise, last weekend saw Easter upon us, and with it a serious drop in temperature, so whilst the rest of Europe basked in the sunshine, we had to shiver in what was distinctly chilly environment.

Strangely there seemed a dire lack of cretins around, indeed in my meandering into the Village lounge on Saturday and Sunday, it was distinctly quiet - very nice ! The sports fare was limited to cricket, and didn't England do well ?? - Perhaps Not !

Interesting night on Monday, I meandered into De Lacy's, sat myself down to enjoy a few beers before heading for home. Young C.... ( English - soon to be Lattelecom associate) joined me and as is our wont began to discuss the vagaries of the world. As required I stepped outside to have a cigarette, but on my return discovered that my bag, containing all my worldly belongings had disappeared.

Horror !!!!! - but as either C.... or I had been beside it all the time we could not work how or by whom it had been taken. For no good reason I stepped outside again ( did I really think the thief would be standing outside ?) - but on my return -lo and behold there was C.... holding it up.

The culprit was some local moron who had been sitting next to me, he had secreted the bag under his jacket/coat, but had then resolutely sat there watching the cricket. Now either he is a cricket fanatic or he was a complete imbecile - I think the latter. C.... had seen my bag under his jacket and removed same - to whit - the would be thief casually strolled out.

It transpires that he had not bought any liquid refreshment, but had simply came in asked if he could watch the TV, and of course had then spied upon my bag.

All's well that ends well - but is was a warning to me to be a little more careful of where I place the bag, and who I sit next too.

A I started to write this blog on Tuesday, and having visited De Lacy's last night (Wednesday) I regret to advise the the artist in residence "Got Inn Work" has now vacated the premises. no doubt to take his artistic talents elsewhere. However to good news, just as I forecast is that he has mfashioned the second gallery in identical style to the first. The sheer brilliance of the overall effect of the roughened surface, covered in a Matt green finish, and offset brilliantly by the white artifacts and the kaleidoscope of surrealist murals on the inside of the entrance door - is ...... what can I say - underwhelming !

On the Zvannieki front, well Easter brought more than the Eatser Bunny, it added a further four children, aged from 2 years - 8 years. As ever these children had suffered abuse by their father, and had been taken into care by the authorities at Valmeira, and then Zvannieki had been asked if they could take them under there wings, as the only alternative would been to place them in an orphanage.
These new additions are been cared for at the old Zvannieki, in order to give them TLC and personal care - so we will need to once again acquire some cooking facilities, as all of the original kitchen had been moved to the new Zvannieki. Fortunately we have sufficient funds in the Smiley Fund kitty.

I hope to have pictures of the Easter celebrations at the new Zvannieki, as well as some of the new additions, next week, alongwith those taken at the presentation of the mini bus.


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