Monday, April 16, 2007

The Irish are Celebrating

Last Thursday I received what was to prove to be a great suggestion, albeit from an unlikely source P.... (English and currently suffering belated birth pains). He suggested that we run a sweep based on the Grand National Horse race, in order to raise some funds for the Smiley Fund. So on Friday morning an e-mail was sent to the various Smiley fund supporters, and by 5.00pm we had raised (or at least committed) Ls 400.00. Of this some Ls 175.00 will be paid out to the winners of the Sweep - with the balance going to the Smiley Fund

The winners being :

S......(Welsh - King of Cat Flaps) - Ls 100.00
J..... (Irish - Banking whizz kid) - Ls 50.00
J... (Irish - Builder of dream homes) - Ls 25.00

So to all who participated as ever many thanks

So there we have it and Irish outsider at 33:1 odds has won the Grand National, and two Irish and a Welshman have won the sweep stake, quite a weekend for the Celtic race, but there is more !!

The weekend itself was peaceful enough, with the village lounge remaining undisturbed by our weekend visitors, although there was a minor scare on Friday night, when I received an SMS from (J... - Australian with penchant for all things wooden) advising me that the village lounge would not be open until 6.00pm - apparently a technical fault. Which as we all know is pub speak for saying they are having a problem with the drains.

Nonetheless I did arrive a little after 6.00pm. the door was open and up I went, to find it empty ! - wonderful - it appeared I had missed the sign outside say "Closed" - Oops! - but as I was now inside I was permitted to stay, and a most enjoyable time it was - A bar all to myself - although after advising young J.... of my where about he too ignored the sign and joined up, likewise J..... (Australian/Latvian - he who has a crisis in Australia). So a very pleasant Friday evening.

Saturday afternoon saw a small gathering again at the village lounge to watch what can only be described as the worst game of cricket yet to hit our screens - South Africa v New Zealand. Now I know that cricket at the best of times is not the most exciting spectator sport - but even the attending cricket aficionado's, suggested this was BORING.

Sunday was simply brilliant day, with beautiful sunshine, clear skies, so stroll in the park followed a couple of beers was perfection itself.

Otherwise the village was quiet, with not a lot going, however A little bird has whispered in my ear that one of the village people is about to become a father ! - Now it would be wrong of me to spread as yet unconfirmed rumours - so for now I will not mention the father to be - but if it is correct - my congratulations to him and his good Lady- it just goes to that big things can be produced from small beginnings !!
Advance warning to all pub owners, A... (English with penchant for sick jokes) will be arriving in July, the 6th to be exact and will strike upon De Lacy's at approximately 1.30pm. So be warned Guinness sales will rocket during his week long stay, and no doubt the karaoke bars will once again resound to him doing it His Way.


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