Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shifting Times

I have been somewhat remiss in my regaling the happenings of the last few days, but if I may put it down to sheer boredom, an overdose of cretins at the weekend, allied to now working a night shift for the next two weeks - The latter at my tender age is proving to one step beyond the pale !!

But to return to the happenings of this week - well I am but afraid not a lot is going on - Latvia is on a two day week - Monday was declared by our beloved government a holiday, as long as you worked the previous Saturday (It's a Latvian thing) . Tuesday is of course May the 1st - when all of of the world's working class get a day off (with the exception of shop staff, nurses, doctors, petrol pump attendants, the military and anybody else who has to serve the general public) - and then on Friday - well it is Latvia's Celebration of independence - not sure from whom or what - but clearly a good excuse for a holiday.

So what you may ask, is this high powered executive doing working night shift - well I blame the Dutch ! - It started off as a polite enquiry as to whether or not we had English speaking chappies and chappesses within our little company - which of course we do ! - then would they like to speak to our American cousins ?, enquiring as to whether or not they were happy with a certain Dutch companies products. The name of this company I will refrain from mentioning, but I think Princess A..... was married once to a founder of said company.
So with a mere seven hour time difference between Latvia and the east coast of the USA - hear I sit as 8.00pm and looking forward to concluding this very important task at 4.00am in the morning, merrily asking as to whether or not they are happy with their purchase. God -the excitement I can barely contain !!

Having only started this major undertaking last night, I found once again that he who is almighty has a strange sense of humour. Why is it that when I normally go to bed at 10..00pm in the evening I fall sound asleep - but this morning at 4.30am when I finally crawled into bed I could not get to sleep - WHY ????

Another question for you, am I the only person when getting dressed in the morning, and stick my left leg into the trousers, find that my big toe gets caught in the bottom lining of the trouser leg ? - Please let me know as I would hate to think it is only me.

As who might have gathered there seemed an overly large number of cretins in Riga at the weekend, and worst still they outstayed their welcome, and were still hear on Tuesday night - well not all of them - but a significant numbers. But even worse they have drunk all the Wexford beer - now this is simply not good enough - so with absolutely no fear, I approached the Little Irish One - he who is charge of acquiring said beverages, and suggested that they should have a barrel for the cretins and a totally separate barrel for the local clientele. Not sure this suggestion was greeted with any enthusiasm.

But not only is our village hall depleted of my favourite beer, as of this evening it appears that food is on ration. No longer a wide and extravagant selection - for the time being only a limited selection, due to the fact that one of the chefs has sought pastures new. So much for the saying to many cooks ..........................

Indeed the only excitement in De Lacy's this week is that young I..... ( barlady of distinction) has once again changed her hair colour - this time with blond highlights - so I have no doubt that within a few week she will be back where she started - a blond !

Many of you will have noticed that the World Ice Hockey Championships are currently being held in Moscow -well Latvija is doing itself proud. Indeed only today they managed to snatch defeat when playing that powerhouse of Ice hockey - ITALY ! But give the Latvian supporters their due, there they were in the streets with there duck horns in full blast - see that what comes from having a built in instinct for losing - just like Scotland !

In closing can I express my undying gratitude to the person(s) living in Andover , Wiltshire, England, and who are customers of NTL, who clearly have found great comfort from reading this blog, as over the last few days they have spent in excess of 90 minutes reading my meandering thoughts - perhaps they would be kind enough to let me know what they find so interesting ?

To all our missing villagers, we look forward to your return, and as we promised ourselves, the monthly Indian dinner will be held on either Friday 4th or 11th May - depending on who is in town. Please advise A.... (Bristolian French Cider drinker)

So to all night shift workers where ever you may be - Good night (or should that be Good Morning ?)

PS. It is but true young J..... (Irish - Cork Stud) is about to become the proud possessor of the patter of tiny feet.


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