Friday, June 08, 2007

Why ?

Ok its Friday and the weekend feeling is slowly coming over me ! - but as I sat here in the office, fooling around on the wonderful world of the internet - what do I find ? - this :


and it comes with this sales pitch

"The SenSlip is an innovative concept, designed to promote male sexual health and well-being. With patents pending worldwide, it is practical, comfortable to wear, and most importantly - it works."

SO far so Good - but what is it you might ask ? well our Irish village members might know this man S.K. from Dublin is ? who clearly thinks it is the very thing - I quote

From: S.K. in Dublin........"and I have been wearing it now for about two weeks and I can feel and see the difference........I never realized how uncomfortable I had been not wearing one.......

I promise it is true - but my question is simple - why ? and who in Gods name would buy one ? - but if you are such a person, then this is just the thing for you !

See the world is full of useless inventions and even weirder happenings - So with that thought in mind - have a great weekend


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well as it happens I do know SK from Dublin.

Now SK is the great-grandson of a very famous Irish Army officer who served in India in the early 20th Century.

SK himself was circumcised as a child but as is many young men's wants in life he began practising the art of "Bishop Bashing"at a relatively young age.So adept was he at this passtime that he soon entered contests where his prowess was visible to all. After winning such contests as the "Wicklow w_ _ _ _ _ g Championship" and the "All Mayo m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n Championship"SK achieved fame when in Dublin,where he know lives on the earnings of his many victories, he won the Irish All Comers Shield.

Sadly ware and tear has taken it's toll (or should that be tool)So the apparatus mentioned in this advert proved to be of wonderful benefit to our man, who incidentally is a Member of the Irish Parliament.

Know you may well ask what is the relavence of SK's great grandfather in this story? Well if you notice it appears there is more than one colour available! and SK owns all these colours because he remembers his Great grandfather saying that in India all white officers had Black Privates!

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